Monday, December 7, 2009

Battle Studies.

I am battling studying. I should be cramming, but I'm not. Youtube videos and music are consuming my night.

Okay, so. I've never been a John Mayer fan. Your Body is a Wonderland? No, thank you. Comfortable?...more like uncomfortable. Daughters? Gross. But all this talk about Battle Studies made me decide to download it and see. I've listened to the whole album through at least 4 times...except a few songs that I can't stand to listen to the whole thing. So, I sat here tonight with Battle Studies (instead of my studies for finals this week), and made my list. Granted, it is subject to change as some songs might grow on me. It's a huge shock to me that I like so many. I would guarantee this will never happen with Coldplay or U2 though. I really can't stand them.

Battle Studies - John Mayer

  • Friends Lovers or Nothing - *****

  • Heartbreak Warfare - *****

  • All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye - SICK.

  • Half Of My Heart - eh...

  • Who Says - *****

  • Perfectly Lonely - NO!

  • Assassin - *****

  • Crossroads - 1/2*

  • War Of My Life - no thanks

  • Edge Of Desire - **

  • Do You Know Me - bleh.

  • Okay, back to actually studying now. Maybe.