Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Memphis Tennis

For one of my birthday presents, Morgan and I went to Andy Roddick's first round tennis match at the Regions Morgan Keegan Championships in Memphis. I loooove tennis. Roger is my favorite (since before he was even great...I saw something in him, haha), but I also really like Andy. He's my #2. Followed by (in no order) Hewitt, Soderling, and Djokovic. I like a ton of players though. (like James Blake) Well, when I found out about the tournament, I told Morgan we HAD to go. I was torn between buying tickets for "Maria Sharapova's first round match followed by another featured match", "Lleyton Hewitt's first round match followed by another featured match", and "Andy Roddick's first round match, followed by another featured match". It wasn't a hard choice for Morgan--Andy of course (but I still really wanted to see Maria). So, we bought our tickets...without knowing who Andy was playing or who the other featured match would be. The week before the tournament I found out that Andy would be playing James Blake! So exciting. Annnnd then, the day before the match, I looked online to see if maybe they had released the "other featured match"...they had. And it was (dun dun dun) Maria Sharapova vs. Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Also, I was going to skip my 3:00 class that day, but it was canceled, so I didn't have to!

Well, we got to Memphis, ate a quick bite, and headed to the venue. When we got there, we found our seats...that were AMAZING, if I may.

Roddick v Blake 6-3, 4-6, 7-4

Roddick won the first set 6-3. (Blake wasn't very happy with a few of the calls.) Blake used his anger to come back and win the second set 6-4. The final set (they only play 3 at this tournament) was so unbelievably close and went to a tie break. In the end, Roddick won.

Also, Andy's serve really is amazing to see. They talk about it all the time and I've seen it on TV...but this was just...different. this was a 133 MPH ace.

Maria Sharapova v Bethanie Mattek-Sands 6-1, 6-1

This Mattek-Sands girl didn't really impress me much...but who would be impressive against Sharapova? In the middle of the match, some people left, so we moved down to the front row (from the 6th). I'm pretty sure Maria's sweat landed on my arm.

And, a video of Maria's serve.

It was such a fun first professional tennis match to go to. I don't miss one on it was cool to finally see it in person.

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