Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Week Long Birthday

Okay, so...I really like myself. So of course, my birthday celebration lasted a whole week.

It all began on Thursday, February 4th

My very best friend, Brittany, came to visit. We've been friends since middle school and have remained extremely close.

I'll begin by saying...I had a great time this night...from what I'm told. Some of my best friends and I all hung out at Brad's and then went to my favorite "sitting" bar, The Burgundy Room. This is how I hear my night went: I had trouble standing on my own, passed out fell asleep at the bar, fell into a bush when we got home, and missed a delightfully funny comedy hour with Erin and Brad. I really regret not taking that 5 Hour Energy Shot.

And the fun continued on Friday, February 5th

We had a whole row filled in the movie theater at the Oxford Film Fest to see The Night of the Loup Garou. (A friend of mine made the film, and a group of my friends were in it. Rachel was in it and was seeing it for the first time.) It is seriously legit. So funny and so just...awesome. So, buy the DVD. Learn more about the movie at the Loup Garou website. Annnnnd once you buy the DVD, I'll be free to autograph it. Just contact my agent.

After the film fest, we went back to Brad's and watched SNL: the best of Amy Poehler. Buhthis Buhis Buhmy Buhfavorite Buhskit...even though I am a fan of W.

The Main Celebration: Party @ Brad's Saturday, February 6th

My friends are wonderful and threw me a party at Brad's condo before we went out to the bar. Our time at the bar was definitely overshadowed by the party, which was a BLAST. My Matthew Gray Gubler cake (that originally said "Happy 13 Jay") was awesome. My friends were awesome. And of course, my presents were awesome.

But even more awesome...was the icing fight after the bar.

And then Superbowl Sunday February, 7th

The day began with Morgan, Rachel, and I going to Memphis to go to Target. I bought myself a birthday present (NIRVANA: Live @ Reading). Then, later, we went to our office SuperBowl party. Sadly, I was pulling for the Colts. We arrived, expecting everyone to be yelling "Who Dat" and decked out in black and gold...but the Colts fan base was significantly larger. I guess the support didn't really help the outcome but it's okay. We still had fun!

Finally, my ACTUAL birthday - Monday, February 8th

Mondays are NOT fundays for me. I have work from 8-9. Business School CEO office hour from 9-10. Economics class from 10-11:15. Work from 12-3. Marketing class from 3-4:15. MIS class from 6-8:45. Not the way I wanted to spend my birthday, but I guess I had celebrated enough. Orrr...had I? After my class, Holly and I went to the B-Room for a few (which turned into a lot) drinks. We switched dates, which was fun.

Tuesday, February 9th

A good friend of mine was in town from Austin, TX, conveniently the day after my birthday...so we got to hang out, have a couple beers, and catch up with each others lives for a few hours. (We obvi have a couple beers every time we hang out.)

And finally, Day 7... Wednesday, February 10th

Wednesday night I just had a chill night with a group of my best friends. It was a very nice, relaxing way to end my crazy week long birthday celebration.

Thanks to all my friends for making 22 the best birthday yet. And, if you read ALL this...and got all the way to the bottom...thanks for putting up with me!

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  1. i made it to the bottom.. and loved it!