Thursday, March 4, 2010

25 Things

Remember way back when in January of 2009 when Facebook had that "25 Random Things" craze? Yeah, well. I'm bringing it back. But not really. Not on Facebook, just here...on Faye'sbook. I'm gonna be lazy and actually keep most of mine the same. But hey, I haven't changed all that much in a year. Here goes.

1. I often wish I could dress gothic/punkrockish but feel I shouldn't.

2. I want to move to a big city. Dallas and Austin are looking like the front runners.

3. I am determined to write a book and have it published even if I am the only one to purchase a copy.

4. To me, the 2 worst things a friend could do are talk about me behind my back and lie to my face.

5. I hate the color pink but wear it anyway because it looks good on me.

6. I cried when Kurt Cobain died. I was 6.

7. I refused to wear TShirts in high school and now have probably close to 100.

8. I think I am a completely different person than I was 2 years ago. Everyone used to tell me I was different than anyone they'd ever I'm kinda boring. I wrote this one when I did my random things the first time...but I disagree now. I think I'm very close to being that interesting person again. I lost myself for a little while. But I'm back. Good for you.

9. I love NIRVANA. I hate Foo Fighters. Sorry Adam.

10. I would rather hug a bear than see a spider. Even a picture.

11. I often scare myself by imagining worst case scenarios. This ranges from car crashes to accidentally cutting all my hair off to sending a text message to the wrong person.

12. I am on my third Blackberry. And I need a new phone.

13. I never thought I would like John Mayer. I do. Now.

14. My favorite movies are 80s and 90s teen/pre-teen movies. Can't Hardly Wait, Empire Records, Drive Me Crazy, Camp Nowhere, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, etc.

15. I work. A lot.

16. Any use of LOL, lol, el oh el, etc. irritates me. A lot. You probably didn't laugh anyway.

17. I watched the Bachelor for the first time this season. And Vienna was my favorite. The whole time.

18. My playlists vary from Hanson to Avenged Sevenfold. Zac Hanson and M. Shadows are 2 of my celebrity crushes.

19. My dream job is as an editor at a book publishing company but I'm an MIS major because I want to make money. And I enjoy it.

20. I have the same tone of voice no matter my mood. Same facial expressions usually as well.

21. Kurt Cobain's voice cheers me up and makes me sad at the same time.

22. I don't feel guilty when I talk about people because I only talk about people who deserve it.

23. Even though I don't like very many people, I really want people to like me. Really.

24. I think the friendships that really matter are the ones who make it through hard times.

25. I like my blog. Probably more than the people who read it. Just sayin.

Some of these were really hard to come up with pictures for. Woah. Brain overload. K bye.

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