Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Date Doctor

The Date Doctor came to Ole Miss Monday night and even though I probably could use a little help in that area, I was unable to attend. But Holly heard about one of the exercises he did. So now we're gonna do it.

Answer these questions to yourself, quickly, without putting much thought into them. Just the first thing you think of when you read the question.

Oh, and don't read the bottom before you answer the questions to yourself or you ruin it. Don't ruin it, silly!

Question 1.
What is your favorite animal?


Question 2.
What is your favorite color?


Question 3.
What is your favorite body of water?


My answers were:

Question 1.
Favorite animal? A seahorse.
Why? Because with seahorses, the man and woman roles are reversed.

This is how other people think of you.

Damn. Do other people think I want to be a guy? I tried to explain that yesterday...uh. I'm just not your typical high-pitched voice speaking, pink glitter wearing, hair and makeup primping girl.

Question 2.
Favorite color? Green.
Why? Because my eyes are green (and I like my eyes) and there are so many different shades, and green can be bright and fun or dark and dreary.

This is your personality.

Pretty spot on I'd have to say. I can be fun and I can be dreary. But I guess I forgot to mention that green is awesome.

Question 3.
Favorite body of water? A lake.
Why? Because it's big but not too big and small but not too small.

This is what you think about sex.


Okay, have fun with this. Post your answers in comments or something. Especially if they're more fun than mine.

1 comment:

  1. Fave animal: Giraffe because it's unique, gentle, sweet and George said it can easily topple over. (Clumsy?)

    Color: Yellow because it's bright and cheery

    Body of water: Ocean, but from the beach. not the deep ocean. Because it's relaxing and fun...