Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Define Yourself.

I took Applied Writing in January of 2008. One of our assignments was to compose an essay in which we would define ourselves. My teacher said, "Optimist, Pessimist, Cynic, Skeptic, etc. Label yourself and explain why." Well, can I really be labeled with one word? Honestly?

I titled my paper "My Heart is Broke, but I Have Some Glue". I know, I know..."you would". Yes, I would. And I did.

Though the details and events I included in my paper to explain why I chose my label have changed, I would still label myself the same.

This is how I began my paper:

      As I am sitting at the bar, laughter and loud music surround me. I look down at my drink and notice it is at the half-way mark of my cup. I accidentally make eye contact with a guy who is standing a few feet away. He walks over to me and says the very cheesy line, "So, would you say your cup is half-empty or half-full?" My blank expression does not change. I look down at my cup, pick it up, and force all of the liquid down my throat. I stand up, hand him the cup and say, in my monotone voice, "Neither, it's empty." Many people can be easily labeled. Some can be labeled after a lot of soul searching. I do not believe any regular cliché label could ever define who I am. So, I will refer to myself as an optimistic pessimist.

My teacher, a published author, gave me this response: "You write a fine, open-hearted study of your complex self. You convince me that you do have the glue. I also believe that you have the pluck and the ability to write a great book. We both know you have the material."

Just sayin.

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