Monday, March 1, 2010

Power Animal

I started an internship Friday and we had a company meeting at the end of the day. Everyone had to introduce themselves by stating their name and their power animal. Everyone came up with neat, creative, I guess...meaningful, power animals. And what did I have? Nothing. I need to be prepared for these things, I'm not really the on the spot type. So I grabbed my phone and googled "clever animal" because I think I'm pretty clever. (Though, obviously not clever enough to think of my power animal on the spot.) Well, that was kind of a bust because the first thing that came up was "parrot". I don't wanna be a parrot. But I said it anyway...and my reasoning was honest. "I think I'm pretty clever so I just googled 'clever animal' and went with the first thing I saw." To which I got the response, "You always do exactly what Google tells you?" Damn. Called out on the first day. But our little group of interns had actually fixed some problems in the webpage we were working on with Google's help, so yes...yes I do always do what Google tells me.

Of course, the second I walked out of the office it hit me. Duh, I know what my power animal is. SEAHORSE!! This is even the first charm I got for my charm bracelet: Why a seahorse, you might ask? Well first of all, Kurt Cobain's favorite animal was a seahorse. That is the reason I went with the seahorse as my first charm, to represent my love for Kurt. But after thinking it over, the seahorse represents me in many ways, too. Kurt loved the seahorse because male seahorses experience pregnancy and take care of the children. Now, I'm not saying that he wanted to be a woman and/or a pregnant man...but he loved his daughter so much that it made him have a newfound respect for seahorses. (One of the many reasons why I'm not so sure he ended his life willingly...but that's for another day.)

Excerpt from Kurt's journals:

So why does the seahorse represent me? Well, I have thrown myself into a field that is largely dominated by men. And it's not that I am going to expect my future husband to be the primary caretaker of our future children (or give birth to them!), but I will always want to be working. Also, in most of my relationships, I have taken on the typical male traits of a kind of lack of emotions, non-clingyness, etc. offense guys. And I almost always side with the guy when I'm pulled into a relationship argument. So, I'm kind of "the guy" in relationships.

Wow, that sounds a little fishy (fishy...seahorse...get it?). I'm kind of having a hard time explaining what I'm trying to say...I don't want to be a dude. Haha. Okay, enough. My power anmial is the Seahorse and that's that.

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  1. This was the funniest post I've read in a long time...ha ha ha!

    I don't know what my power animal is. I need to figure that out...