Thursday, April 8, 2010

16 Years Ago Today...

I remember it like it was yesterday...

April 8, 1994 was a Friday afternoon. A rambunctious first grader ready for the weekend, I ran for the front door, racing my sister from the school bus. Entering the house, I heard the vacuum stop roaring in the next room as my mom entered the doorway of the living room.

"Why's the fold out couch pulled out?" I asked as I plopped down on it, dropping my backpack onto the floor. (Normally, I would have gotten yelled at for leaving my backpack there but mom didn't seem mad.)

She knelt in front of me and handed me the remote control. "Turn on the TV...MTV."

I thought, "Duh mom. I do that every day."

I turned on the TV to this:

What?!?!?! What? Really?

Devastation. Tears. Misery.

As a 6 year old, I had already lost my dad, my grandmother, and a puppy. This was just too much for me. Pretty sure I cried for hours days weeks ever.

So yes, I was in love with Kurt Cobain by age 4...and I was heartbroken when he died. My first love and my first heartbreak.

Yeah does that help explain my personality?

Miss you, Kurt.

This was in the DM today!

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