Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Guys Acting Like Girls [That Are Not Me]

Do guys think all girls act like that? More importantly, do all girls act like that? Or, well...should we?

A lot of girls use the "I'm not like other girls" line. But you are. You are; I'm not.

Watching that video, I can't pick out one stereotype that applies to me. So, if guys don't like girls that act like that (hence why they are making fun of them), I'm every man's dream...right?

Ah, quite the contrary.

Girls act like that because guys eat that shit up. They love it. They might pretend they don't in front of their friends -- but they do.

So, maybe my problem is that I'm not girly...I don't act like that.

Maybe I'll give it a try? I did have a friend tell me I should strive to act like the guys in this video.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no. I really don't think I can. Girly is just not for me.


  1. For what it's worth, as a guy, I'm generally not attracted to girls that act that way. I mean, yeah. I definitely like girls who act feminine, but only in appearance and mannerisms. When it comes to personality traits, the traditional "girly" mindset is a huge turn-off. Ideally we like girls who aren't INSANELY clingy, but at the same time we don't want to put up with a "Sex in the City" princess complex either (I dated a girl with one of those once. Complete nightmare).

    But yeah. Personally, I hate the things they're making fun of in the video, but then again that's why I've really only had two "real" relationships. Everyone has their own tastes.

    But yeah, didn't mean to write a book for a comment. Haha!

  2. Hahaha. I guess this might be helpful if I knew what a "Sex and the City" complex was.....

  3. Ever heard the phrase "dinner whore"? It's kind of like that in that girls with that mindset tend to treat men as nothing but means to an end. No matter what the guy does, it's never good enough because the girl's standards are hyper-inflated to such Disney-riffic proportions that it's impossible to make a good impression. Guys aren't gods. Most women I've dated are great and realize that, but every so often I run into one that believes guys are just playthings to be used before they move on. (Granted, I realize that guys can be JUST as guilty of the exact same thing. It's just the attitude in general that bothers me.)