Monday, April 12, 2010

Heavier than Heaven -- finally a movie?

It's actually a really good read, even if you're not a huge fan (like me). But...I found mistakes in the book (as I always do), and not just grammatical and structural errors...fact errors. I know I'm not the expert on all things Kurt Cobain -- but there were mistakes.

But anyway. They've supposedly been in talks about turning this book into a movie for years. (Courtney wants it made...which I don't like. I don't want her to have control of anything...not a fan.)

The latest rumor is that Robert Pattinson will play Kurt. I do not like this. I love Rob...I'm a Twilight fan (not a crazed one, but I really enjoyed the books and I watched the movies). Rob is great, he's cute...and he has a great voice. (Listen here.) But he doesn't have the voice. (Nobody does.) And...he doesn't have the look. He doesn't have the piercing blue eyes (I know, I know...computers and contacts and everything you can think of are here to fix that...but still.) I'm just not a fan of this.

Then we have Courtney Love...she wants Scarlett Johansson to play her. Really? Okay, maybe I could see it if Scarlett picks up a heroin habit and rolls around in dirt and doesn't shower for a year. I could see it then...definitely. So, Scarlett...playing Courtney Love I'm sure is the chance of a lifetime! So get on that heroin and make this happen!

Okay, so. If I can give my opinion on the actor best fit to play Kurt...I'm gonna go with Jared Leto. He has the look, he has an amazing voice. (Duh.) He's my number 1 choice. Probably my only choice, actually.

I'm actually hoping they don't turn this into a movie...but if they do, I hope they can sign on good actors.

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