Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's that time again...

31 days from today, I will be in an outfit similar to that one...headed to a ceremony similar to where I was that day in May of 2006.

When I graduated from SPHS 4 years ago, I walked across to receive my diploma with 93 of my classmates. I knew everyone and everyone knew me. I was elected into the hall of fame and I knew exactly where I was Ole Miss.

Now, it is almost time to graduate from Ole Miss, with thousands of people. I know a few hundred, but that's a small fraction of the whole. My name won't be left behind (unless you venture into the basement of the Business School where they keep us MIS nerds) and I have absolutely no idea what the future holds for me.

I am unable to make any small future plans because my future is completely open. I literally have no idea where I will be 4 months from today (but I know it won't be in my current residence because that's when my lease expires!). I don't even know where I'll be on May 9th. (Probs recovering from the May 8th graduation watching Betty White's SNL on the DVR, so okay...I know where I'll be May 9th, but not May 10th and on.)

I have a couple options, but I want different ones/more to choose from.

So, please, keep me and my future in your prayers. We both need guidance.

And on the note of the future, graduation, growing up, etc. - - after today, there will be a new look to my blog.

Not your typical sorority girl? Well, it's true for another month but then I won't be a sorority girl at all...typical or not. And though I think this picture is totally awesome, a month from now, I won't be in college it's time to get rid of the Animal House poster.

But don't worry, I'm not about to go all business suit on you. I'm not grown up yet....just on my way there.


  1. You're almost an adult!

  2. So far my experience has taught me the best plan is no plan.

  3. This post was tagged on the bottom of your most recent so I had to look.

    I knew you had to be a sorority girl, I could so tell from your pics lol. Being an alumni is amazing isn't it?