Saturday, May 15, 2010

hanging out at the hangout

So. I'm at the Hangout Music Fest in Gulf Shores, Alabama for the weekend. Perfection. Beach. Booze. Bands.

Last night I saw the Black Crowes and Girl Talk. Can we say WOWZA?!?! It was my first time to see Girl Talk live and holy. crap. It. Was. AMAZING. So much fun. I keep forgetting I kind of have a fractured ankle though; too much jumping took place. So my ankle is kind of mad at me today.


I've been on the beach all day and in a little while I'm heading over to see the Whigs. And then Gov't Mule, Moon Taxi, Jakob Dylan, John Legend, and more!

And even better bands tomorrow. Yayuhhhh.

Best weekend everrrr. Or. Well. Close to the top.

Are you jealous?

Oh hey I'm blogging this FROM THE BEACH.

Jealous now?

Yeah. Thought so.

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