Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Istanbul was Constantinople now it's The Bachelorette 7 to 5

[I didn't get to do my usual Monday night Bachelorette rant because I went to Pontotoc where my mother has America Online dial-up internet (yes, it still exists) so that I could drive her to her dentist appointment at 8 this morning. Sweet daughter, I know, I know. BUT. Lucky for you...I take notes!]

Yesterday, I had a definite case of the Mondays. And by that I mean I was super pumped for the Bachelorette to come on. I get to lust after Chris and make fun of Ali and the other guys...what better way to spend my Monday night?

This week, they traveled to Constantinople Istanbul, Turkey.

Before the episode began, my list was:

1. Chris
2. Kirk
3. Frank
4. Roberto
5. Ty
6. Craig
7. Justin

Surprise, surprise....it's Rated R that has the girlfriend. And Justin's girlfriend looks like she'd like that douche. Sick.

I wish all of the guys would have 1.) delivered Ali a big fat I TOLD YOU SO and 2.) held him down and took turns punching his stupid ass.

One on One with Ty:
I know I'm from the South and Ty is sweet but his accent is really starting to annoy me. And that "eskimo kiss" he gave Ali after they kissed...cheese!

Pssh. I don't like Ty anymore I can't even pinpoint why exactly...I just, eh. I wouldn't pick him. But of course, Ali gave him a rose.

Group Date with Chris, Craig, Kirk, & Roberto:
My first thought:
Ali is making the guys fight huge Turkish men greased up in olive oil for a chance to win alone time with her? WTF?

I took back every doubt I had when shirtless Chris was covered in oil.

Craig is a lawyer and he was obviously kind of threatened by the other guys and said, "I fight with words generally." So cute. I literally clapped when Craig won. Sweet thing deserved it.

One on One with Frank:
Frank is precious. I honestly think Ali is in love with Frank. If the show ended now and she had to pick...I really think she'd pick Frank (which is perfectly fine with me...as long as she stays away from Chris).

Let me just say I think it's weird that these guys talk to each other about their "feelings" for Ali. I know guys do have "girl talk" no matter how hard they try to deny it...but when they're all dating the same girl? How do they not punch each other?

I think Craig is so sweet but I never saw a connection between the two. It was quite obvious that he was her choice to send home and her reason for not having a cocktail party. So obvious, that I almost thought she was gonna take back a rose or do something crazy cause this show is all about shock factor and is usually not very obvious.

Roses: Frank and Ty already have them. Roberto. Chris. Kirk.

Poor Craig. If she and her boyfriend don't work out...give my friend Lindsay a call. She's into you, man. And give Chris my phone number. Thanks.

My revised favorites list:

Also, I've already read the spoilers so I know what happens up until the top 3 and

one. the previews gave way too much away

but in the same breath

two. they also made it look like something/someone it's not.

unless the spoilers are wrong...and I really don't think that's the case. ABC likes to screw with people. But hey, it keeps us interested, doesn't it?

So the Bachelor Pad starts August 9th. Annnnnd I marked my calendar for it. I've never been a sucker for these shows...but now I am. Especially since Jesse is gonna be on it. Sexy.

Fun Fact: If I can look past embrace Chris' choice to wear those tennis shoes with his suit...then it's true love. We're meant to be.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Remember Me

If you haven't seen the movie Remember Me yet, you need to 1.) leave your computer, go rent/buy it, and watch it or 2.) stay at your computer and watch it illegally online. Whatever you're into. Either way, watch it.

I first saw the trailer, I think it was in the midnight showing of New Moon...and with Robert Pattinson as the lead, I wanted to see it.

But this movie was much more than just a pretty cast.

It's not often that I find a movie that really touches me. I'm usually into funny movies or horror movies, so that's probably why. Romantic Comedies are fun...for the comedy part. Now, I will admit that I cry in movies a lot. I refer to myself as emotionally emotionless. If I get my heart broken, I'm a little upset...but if a character I've become attached to (be it in a television series, movie, or book) gets heart broken...I cry. I'm a wuss, a sap...whatever. But only with my characters...not in real life. Doesn't count.

Anyway. Back to this cinematic adventure. I don't want to give anything away. It's one of those movies that you just have to watch. Literally, you have to. As soon as possible. Go watch it.

It's a touching, heart breaking, heart healing, loving, hating, leaving, finding, losing story.

This scene, as sappy as you may think it is, made me fall in love with Robert Pattinson. It made me fall in love with these characters. It made me fall in love with the idea of love. It even made me fall in love with spaghetti water and showers. Call me cheesy, at this point I don't care.

I won't give anything else away about the movie. Just go watch it. I promise it's not a sap chick flick. I don't guarantee much in life, but I will guarantee you this: you can't possibly watch this movie and not fall in love...or at least be touched by the characters and the story they tell.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Neverending Story

Where is Falkor? Because this is definitely the neverending story.

Wimbledon is just crazy this year. Federer hasn't exactly breezed through his first two rounds, nor has Djokovic. Four of the top 15 seeds have been upset in the first two rounds [Davydenko, Verdasco, Cilic, and Ferrero], the Queen is coming for the first time in 33 years, oh...and there's an epic match going down between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut.

10 hours spanning over two days, multiple records broken, and a very large ulcer growing in my stomach...

Play has been, yet again, suspended. Hopefully (early) tomorrow, we will have a winner. And hopefully, that winner will be John Isner.

As it stands now:

Isner       6  3  6  7

Mahut      4  6  7  6

In other Wimbledon news/opinion:

Federer is scaring me. I'm over Djokovic. Soderling is lookin' good. Nadal still gets on my nerves. I'm excited to see Hewitt v Monfils. I'm never gonna like Murray.

And, in all honesty, I might maybe be for Roddick this year. Though I wish it could be another Federer v Roddick match in the finals, I wouldn't be too heartbroken if Andy beats Roger in the semifinals because he wants it; he deserves it.

And I want him to have it.

Insomnious Ramblings

I don't sleep. Not for long anyway. No matter what (unless I'm still awake) my body wakes me up at 7:30am. I can, usually, make myself fall back to sleep...but I don't always.

One night last month I was up until 5am, maybe a little later. I woke up at 7:30am.

One night a few months ago, I was unbelievably tired and went to sleep before 11pm. I woke up at 7:30am.

Last night, I was awake past 3am. I woke up at 7:30am.

Who needs an alarm clock when your body comes pre-installed with one? I have no problems waking up; my problem is in getting up.

Back to the insomnia. Clearly. I am awake right now. That, or I sleepblog. Oh gee...I already post enough in the hours I'm awake...let's hope I don't start that.

I have no idea why I stay up so late...or how I stay up so late. My current schedule at work has be working until 8:30pm. At around 7:30 I get so tired and I'm tired until I get home...and then I'm wired, like I am now.

And what do I do during my insomniac hours? Nothing productive, of course. I'm pretty much out of clean clothes and my room is a mess...but I'm not doing anything about that. I'm watching MTV (they actually play music videos at night...it's unreal!), facebook stalking (I am a master stalker...I can find anyone. Like, Chris L.'s friend that has a picture or two of him on her page...yep, found it.), and blogging...(about nothing).

So. Since I can't sleep and all four of my many, many friends are asleep like normal people...we can chat. Umm...what's up? Nothing? Well...yeesh. I'll do all the talking, I guess.

I had a phone interview today. It went...well. I wouldn't say it was fabulous, but it was good. If I made the cut, I'll have a second round technical phone interview next. After that, if I make it again...I'll have an in office interview in Austin. I've also applied to some places in Memphis so I can move there with my sister. I also kind of like the thought of staying in Oxford for another year. Or six months. Who knows. I really don't know. And, really, I kind of like not knowing. For now. In a few months I'll begin really freaking out if my life still has no direction.

Side note: I just realized that MTV is only showing Unplugged videos...awesome. Loving it. Maybe they'll go old school with some Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Or Eric Clapton. Definitely my three favorite MTV Unplugged sessions.

Also, I've decided that if things don't work out with Chris L., I'm gonna move onto the lead singer from The Maine. I need myself a tattooed, long haired, punkish, musician type. That is my type. Or, at least...the type I'm attracted to. It's never the type I actually date. Maybe I'm too intimidated because I'm not "weird" enough. But guys, I am pretty weird.

The Maine - Into Your Arms:

Another side note: Silversun Pickups dude, awesome voice...but it doesn't look like it's coming out of him. He just doesn't look like he'd sound like that. Hmm.

Okay, well...Andy's match starts at 7am. I have an alarm set, but I'll definitely be up by 7:30...but I'm going to try to force myself to go to sleep now.

It was nice chatting.

Gee I'm pathetic.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bachelorette travels to Iceland

Well, well...it's Monday again. Hello Chris L.

Competition for the one on one date was writing a love poem for Ali. Is this show for real? That is so cheesy. I would just laugh (at them, not even with them).

I would have, of course, picked Chris L. but since the producers probably wouldn't be okay with me picking him for every date...Kirk would have been my choice too. But I wouldn't have based my decision on the stupid "love" poems.

One on One Date with Kirk:
Ali is annoying but that date with Kirk looked like something I would enjoy. And he thinks their matching sweaters are "cheeseball"...as do I.

Did I really tear up over Kirk & Ali's dinner though? Really? Who am I? And the bigger question...why didn't I sign up to have these guys competing for me?

Group Date with Chris L., Chris N., Craig, Frank, Roberto, & Ty:
A date with 6 guys on horses would be so awkward. As would a date with 6 guys in a steaming lake. Annnd a date with 6 guys anywhere. So, all I have to say is...and I'm sure you're expecting it...I'm in love with Chris L. He. Is. Perfect.

Two on One Date with Justin the douche & Kasey the crazy:
My least two favorite guys. I really don't even want to discuss them. Miserable. I would send them both home.

I kind of wish Ali, Justin, and Kasey would have all 3 fallen into the erupting volcano.

Well she picked the wrestler to stay and sent Kasey and Chris N. home. Pretty sure we saw Chris N. for the first time tonight. And...when she asked him to tell her something interesting about himself he said

.......drum roll please.......

"I like Mexican food." Umm. What? Real interesting guy. Seeeeee ya.

I'm over Ali. And I want to be und [insert clever, cheesy statement about Chris L. here.]

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I never really thought about Father's Day. And I never really thought about the fact that I never really thought about it. Until today. I feel like for some reason, this year everyone is talking about Father's Day more than usual. Or, now that I'm a "big girl"...a college graduate trying to get her life together, maybe I just miss my dad a lot more.

My dad was awesome.
(I take after him in that area.)

He was super cute.
(Obviously. Check out his children.)

He was talented.
(One of his many trophies.)

I surround myself with things of his. Pictures of him, his trophies, some of his pool tournament shirts, etc. I keep his Bible and the 1987 Billiards Congress of America in which he appeared as a member of the Men's #1 Team on my dresser.

I think about him daily and love him very much. And as sweet, sweet Rachel reminded me this morning...he is looking down on me with love and is proud of me.

I don't do feelings that much, but I do really miss him. I hate that I was so young when he passed away and therefore I never really got the chance to know him. I hate that he wasn't there when I was growing up. I hate that he isn't here now. But he is here with me. I do know him...because I know me. Because I know my sister. Because I know my mom and my uncles and my aunts. Because I know my cousins. Because I know my family. They're awesome. I'm awesome, clearly. He was awesome.

Happy Father's Day! I love and miss you. So much.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Isn't Blackmail Illegal?

Blackmail is illegal, right?? Didn't the guy that was trying to blackmail David Letterman for $$millions$$ plead guilty and get like six months in prison and 1,000 community service hours?

Yeah. Thought so.

Well. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am being blackmailed. This fella that is supposed to be a friend of mine decided that he wanted to embarrass me. Since he is, clearly, an avid reader of my blog, he knows all about my slight crush I have on Chris L. from the Bachelorette.

So. He has created fayeloveschris@gmail.com and is threatening to send an email to the Lambton family landscaping company professing my love for Chris along with a link to this here blog. Whattttt?

They probably won't even read it... and even if they do, they won't show it to Chris... and even if they do, he won't think twice about it... and even if he does, he won't click the link to my blog... and if he does.....

Chris, I did not make that email address and I did not send the email. I'm not that weird. But I mean...if you're interested..... lemme know.

Anyway. Back to the BLACKMAIL. It's not like he's even saying do this and I won't send it or if you do this, I'll send it. It's just like... hanging over my head. Always there. He's gonna send it if I say something mean or do something mean or whatever... And guys, I'm mean like, 83.6% of the time I'm around him. Uh-oh.

Chris. It wasn't me. Unless you want it to be.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Likeable? Lickable? Likable.

Okay I just looked at my recent blog posts (I randomly stalk myself and pretend I'm someone else judging me...don't pretend that you don't do it) and I thought aloud,

"What have I become?"

For reals. I used to be funny. I used to talk shit. And now I just talk sap about relationship issues and my (unnatural) obsession with Chris L. from the Bachelorette. And, like, right now...I'm having to try extremely hard not to go into a rant about how perfect he is and how we could fall madly in love with each other and live happily ever aft.....


Okay. So. I've been blog reading tonight all around the world wide web and it has reminded me that I, my friends, am not a sap. I'm an upfront, loud, outspoken bitch. A lovable one, that is. Or, at least likable. That word looks too much like lickable. Likable...able to be licked liked...[side note: Just to double check that "likable" is the correct spelling, I googled it. There's a wikiHow article entitled "How to be Likable". I'll be reading that later. Maybe.]


Seriously, though. Starting now, Faye'sbook is BACK. No more sap, no more obsession, no more girlification.

Man. My phone just beeped to let me know it died...which reminds me... I haven't gotten a text message since like...sap.

I went to grab my phone to plug it in...my background might maybe be a picture of Chris L. He's just so perf...obsession.

No. More.

Maybe a little.

And I just spilled a little bit of my red wine on the couch because I'm kind of sitting in my living room in the dark. Op. At least the couch is red.

Shit. Don't tell my sister I spilled on her couch.

Now, I'm off to learn how to be lickable.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bachelorette Spices Up My Mondays

My thoughts throughout the episode...

First One on One:
During Ali's one on one with Kasey (and the rest of the episode) I got so totally cheesed out and creeped out. He is just...not my type at all. No thanks.

Group Date:
I fell even more in love with Jesse on the group date when he was dancing and singing in those cute little shorts. And I was extremely disappointed that the producer didn't pick him to be in the show. But Roberto is very steamy.

Also, I love Frank. He is just precious.

Craig seems really sweet; Ty is adorable.

And...Kirk is sexy.

Jonathan is a creep.

Second One on One:
I'm so unbelievably excited that Chris L. gets a one on one! (Not so that they can fall for each other...but so I can see him more.) I wish they could have gone one a date in the city, but it was sweet to see him take care of her! I want him to take care of ME.

Their dinner date was so sweet and cute...Ali needs to back off. I want him for myself. And that kiss...that kiss was...ugh. I hate her.

Justin and Chris N. didn't get dates this week.

Pre-Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party:

[one word descriptions]
Chris L. = perfect.
Chris N. = quiet.
Craig = sweet.
Frank = precious.
Jesse = dreamy.
Jonathan = cheesy.
Justin = douche.
Kasey = nuts.
Kirk = hot.
Roberto = sexy.
Ty = funny.

Chris L. already has one...of course.
Chris N...cutie.
[Jesse and Roberto haven't been called...this is a weird order?]
Roberto...there he is.
Ty...yes, now Jesse better be next.
Kasey...what the hell? She is crazy. Crazy.

Now Ali is down to 9:

after she has eliminated these 16 lucky bachelors:

(Lucky because they're not stuck with Ali and could potentially meet me one day...though none of them are Chris L.)

But hey, Jesse...gimme a call. (Just don't tell Chris L.)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Bachelors

Okay, so...I'd never watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette until Jake's season (last season). I really don't even know why I started watching it, but once I started - I couldn't stop. I picked Vienna from the beginning. Possibly because she's my "sister" in Kappa Delta (awwww), possibly because she was a bitch and "men love bitches", orrr possibly because I read the spoilers. Okay so, anyway. Even without the spoilers...each week I thought about who Jake was going to pick...who was the best fit with him.

Well, I just got caught up on The Bachelorette episodes and frankly, I don't care who Ali picks. I care about who she doesn't pick...so they're available for me.

So, by who I would like the least...here is the order in which Ali should like these guys. I'll take the ones at the bottom, thanks.

1. Jonathan

2. Justin

3. Craig R.

4. Kasey

5. Chris N.

6. Roberto

7. Kirk

8. Ty

9. Frank

10. Jesse

11. Chris L.

I just realized I spent my Friday night watching a girl go on dates with all these guys...instead of going on one myself. Come home to me, Chris L.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Want It Wednesday

Often, on any given Wednesday, you can mosey on over to Rachel's blog and find out some random items she wants.

Well, today...you can find out what hot items are at the top of my wishlist.

Chris L.

I want my very own Chris L. from ABC's The Bachelorette. I would prefer to have the real thing...but if any of you studs out there think you might compare...you definitely have a shot with me.

Range Rover

One day, I will have my dream car. I guess I'm close now, with my Land Rover...close, but no cigar.
I hate that phrase by the way.

Michael Kors Watch

I already have this watch in silver...but I want it in gold too! I need to mix it up every now and then.
Annnnd I just found out it's on sale!

Daria: The Complete Animated Series

I was super bummed to find out they had to change the music for copyright issues, but still...I want it.
Daria was a definite staple of my childhood. Can ya tell?

Urban Outfitters Knot Studs

I've wanted these earrings for months now...and they're only $16.00 so somebody please tell me why I haven't bought them yet? I guess I'm just waiting to rack up $75 worth so I'll get free shipping. Instead of just paying $6 shipping...
now that doesn't make any sense.

I always accept gifts. No special occasion necessary. So feel free to get me any of these items. Especially Chris L.
Come on. Do it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Faye'sbook's Fave Books

I love to read and write, but I don't do either enough.

I try to write on this blog every day...but I'm never quite satisfied with the topics I come up with. I have started about 10 short stories (and only finished one...and only because I had to turn it in for a class...and it wasn't finished to my satisfaction). I have so many story ideas and book ideas but I never give myself the time to develop them.

I also have a "books to read" list a mile long...and I haven't read a book (that wasn't required for class) since last summer. But my last year in school, I was required to read over 20 books.......didn't happen. Maybe I'm stubborn? Well, yes...I know I'm stubborn. But maybe that's why I didn't read all of my required texts. Last summer I was reading Catch-22 and loving it. Then, I found out it was required for my Satire class in the fall...and I never picked it up again. Good thing I'm done with school and can read whatever I want from here on out. I just bought The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and am looking forward to reading it and the other 2 books in the series by Stieg Larsson.

If you enjoy reading, check out my favorites list.

My Favorite Books:

Anthem by Ayn Rand

My all time favorite book. It's short...I read it in one sitting. It's deep. It's amazing.

Tweak by Nic Sheff

Memoir. Intense. Well-written. Couldn't put it down.

Beautiful Boy by David Sheff

Memoir. Same story of Tweak but from the father's perspective. It's amazing to see the same journey through two different sets of eyes. Would definitely read Tweak first though.

Running With Scissors by Augusten Burroughs

Another memoir. Strange, hilarious, sad, touching. Was turned into a movie. Read the book first.

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

Oprah's extremely opinionated self probably turned a lot of people off from this book because she went on and on about how he said it was a memoir but some facts were embellished. Well, Oprah. Now it's in the fiction section...and regardless of where I picked it up...it's one of the best books I've ever read. Along with...

Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey

The first page of this novel states, "Nothing in this book should be considered accurate or relibable." But it should be considered: fantastic, intriguing, and realistic.

Heavier than Heaven by Charles R. Cross

Of the many books about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, this was my favorite. I do wonder if they'll ever turn it into a movie. (Post about that here.)

Annnnnnd surprise, surprise....I'm a GIRL so I have to go there.

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

I'm sorry to those of you who think it's a stupid story because you've seen the movies. The movies are...not great. The books, however, are really, really good.

And I AM a Kristen Stewart fan...I don't think she is the reason the movies aren't great...they just could never compare to the books.

And also, Something Borrowed & Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Every girl should read these two books (and her others). The story is inspiring and draws you in within the first few pages. Not to mention it's going to be a movie with an AMAZING cast! (IMDB)

Well, there you go. Now get to reading. Hopefully I'll have a review of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo soon...and maybe a short story or two.

Friday, June 4, 2010


So I stole this little artsy idea from my cousin's facebook page. I really am boring these days...... Anyway. Here it is.

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using ONLY the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Mosaic Maker. (Change rows to 3 and columns to 3.)

1. your middle name:
2. least favorite food:
3. favorite gemstone:
4. dream car:
5. ideal occupation:
6. favorite superhero:
7. favorite holiday:
8. favorite book:
9. favorite animal:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Cheated on Roger Today

Since the first time I saw Roger Federer play tennis, I've been a fan. Which was not always a fun thing in a house with a Roddick obsessed sister and mother.

Back then, he had a long ponytail and a bad attitude, but a magnificent, graceful serve...which is what first caught my eye. After seeing Roger play just one match, I was hooked. He was my #1 player. And yes, Roger and I are on a first name basis.

Anyway. I've watched (or at least gotten score updates on) almost every match he has played for the past 10 years...especially majors...especially Wimbledon.

I've only almost cheered against him three times.

2009 French Open Final vs. Robin Soderling
[My Soderling story is very similar to how I was with Roger. I saw him play, thought he was amazing...and he has continued to grow on me ever since. He's such a hard player and I really think he's brilliant to watch. I just love him. He quickly passed Andy to become my #2 player...but Roger still has my heart.]

In the first set, Roger dominated Soderling and won the set 6-1. My heart went out to Soderling...I almost wanted him to win. But no. No! I wanted Roger to win, he's my favorite! I just wanted Soderling to play well...at least better than losing the first set 1-6!

So, in the second set...I was pulling for Soderling. Not to win, but to do well. And he did...better...losing the second set in a tie break.

He played so well in the second set, so I was back to cheering for Roger in the third. I got to see Soderling play well for a minute but I still wanted Rog to win his first French Open! And he did...6-1, 7-6, 6-4.

2009 Wimbledon Final vs. Andy Roddick
I was for Roger...sporting my RF tshirt watching the match. But Andy wanted it. He wanted it bad. And in the 5th set I found myself wanting him to have it...but only for a second.

First set went to Andy...7-5

Second and Third sets, Roger pulled out the tie breaks and won 7-6

Fourth set and Andy was not giving up...he won 6-3

Epic 5th set battle. Epic! Since there are no 5th set tie breaks...it went on and on and on...all the way to 16-14.

When Roger won...I cried. As did Andy. But mine was for joy and a little saddness; Andy's tears held no joy.

Final Score: 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6, 16-14

Finally, the third time I almost cheered against Roger.

2010 French Open Quarterfinal vs. Robin Soderling
My #1 vs my #2. Even though Roger IS my favorite player, I was clapping for Soderling. I was cheering for Soderling. I was for Soderling? Why? I just couldn't help myself.

And...he did it! He beat the world #1 in the French Open Quarters. He ended Roger's streak of 23 straight appearances in major semifinals.

3-6, 6-3, 7-5, 6-4

I kind of feel like I cheated today. I cheated on Roger. I'm sorry! But I'm so happy for Soderling...I hope he meets Nadal in the finals and blows him away like he did last year in the 4th round.

I'm not Nadal's biggest fan.