Monday, June 14, 2010

The Bachelorette Spices Up My Mondays

My thoughts throughout the episode...

First One on One:
During Ali's one on one with Kasey (and the rest of the episode) I got so totally cheesed out and creeped out. He is just...not my type at all. No thanks.

Group Date:
I fell even more in love with Jesse on the group date when he was dancing and singing in those cute little shorts. And I was extremely disappointed that the producer didn't pick him to be in the show. But Roberto is very steamy.

Also, I love Frank. He is just precious.

Craig seems really sweet; Ty is adorable.

And...Kirk is sexy.

Jonathan is a creep.

Second One on One:
I'm so unbelievably excited that Chris L. gets a one on one! (Not so that they can fall for each other...but so I can see him more.) I wish they could have gone one a date in the city, but it was sweet to see him take care of her! I want him to take care of ME.

Their dinner date was so sweet and cute...Ali needs to back off. I want him for myself. And that kiss...that kiss was...ugh. I hate her.

Justin and Chris N. didn't get dates this week.

Pre-Rose Ceremony Cocktail Party:

[one word descriptions]
Chris L. = perfect.
Chris N. = quiet.
Craig = sweet.
Frank = precious.
Jesse = dreamy.
Jonathan = cheesy.
Justin = douche.
Kasey = nuts.
Kirk = hot.
Roberto = sexy.
Ty = funny.

Chris L. already has one...of course.
Chris N...cutie.
[Jesse and Roberto haven't been called...this is a weird order?]
Roberto...there he is.
Ty...yes, now Jesse better be next.
Kasey...what the hell? She is crazy. Crazy.

Now Ali is down to 9:

after she has eliminated these 16 lucky bachelors:

(Lucky because they're not stuck with Ali and could potentially meet me one day...though none of them are Chris L.)

But hey, Jesse...gimme a call. (Just don't tell Chris L.)

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