Monday, June 21, 2010

The Bachelorette travels to Iceland

Well,'s Monday again. Hello Chris L.

Competition for the one on one date was writing a love poem for Ali. Is this show for real? That is so cheesy. I would just laugh (at them, not even with them).

I would have, of course, picked Chris L. but since the producers probably wouldn't be okay with me picking him for every date...Kirk would have been my choice too. But I wouldn't have based my decision on the stupid "love" poems.

One on One Date with Kirk:
Ali is annoying but that date with Kirk looked like something I would enjoy. And he thinks their matching sweaters are "cheeseball" do I.

Did I really tear up over Kirk & Ali's dinner though? Really? Who am I? And the bigger question...why didn't I sign up to have these guys competing for me?

Group Date with Chris L., Chris N., Craig, Frank, Roberto, & Ty:
A date with 6 guys on horses would be so awkward. As would a date with 6 guys in a steaming lake. Annnd a date with 6 guys anywhere. So, all I have to say is...and I'm sure you're expecting it...I'm in love with Chris L. He. Is. Perfect.

Two on One Date with Justin the douche & Kasey the crazy:
My least two favorite guys. I really don't even want to discuss them. Miserable. I would send them both home.

I kind of wish Ali, Justin, and Kasey would have all 3 fallen into the erupting volcano.

Well she picked the wrestler to stay and sent Kasey and Chris N. home. Pretty sure we saw Chris N. for the first time tonight. And...when she asked him to tell her something interesting about himself he said

.......drum roll please.......

"I like Mexican food." Umm. What? Real interesting guy. Seeeeee ya.

I'm over Ali. And I want to be und [insert clever, cheesy statement about Chris L. here.]

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