Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

I never really thought about Father's Day. And I never really thought about the fact that I never really thought about it. Until today. I feel like for some reason, this year everyone is talking about Father's Day more than usual. Or, now that I'm a "big girl"...a college graduate trying to get her life together, maybe I just miss my dad a lot more.

My dad was awesome.
(I take after him in that area.)

He was super cute.
(Obviously. Check out his children.)

He was talented.
(One of his many trophies.)

I surround myself with things of his. Pictures of him, his trophies, some of his pool tournament shirts, etc. I keep his Bible and the 1987 Billiards Congress of America in which he appeared as a member of the Men's #1 Team on my dresser.

I think about him daily and love him very much. And as sweet, sweet Rachel reminded me this morning...he is looking down on me with love and is proud of me.

I don't do feelings that much, but I do really miss him. I hate that I was so young when he passed away and therefore I never really got the chance to know him. I hate that he wasn't there when I was growing up. I hate that he isn't here now. But he is here with me. I do know him...because I know me. Because I know my sister. Because I know my mom and my uncles and my aunts. Because I know my cousins. Because I know my family. They're awesome. I'm awesome, clearly. He was awesome.

Happy Father's Day! I love and miss you. So much.


  1. Hi Faye,

    What a beautiful post. I miss him too. Rance was cool and funny and he loved you girls more than you'll ever know. However, I think that horse giving him a tip is illegal.

    Uncle Steve

  2. Hey Faye,
    What a lovely tribute to my sweet, sweet brother. I, too, miss him every day. He was special in a way that words don't do him justice. Although you never knew him, he knew you and loved you so much, as we all do, of course. Rance would be so very proud of you girls.
    Love Aunt Deb