Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Insomnious Ramblings

I don't sleep. Not for long anyway. No matter what (unless I'm still awake) my body wakes me up at 7:30am. I can, usually, make myself fall back to sleep...but I don't always.

One night last month I was up until 5am, maybe a little later. I woke up at 7:30am.

One night a few months ago, I was unbelievably tired and went to sleep before 11pm. I woke up at 7:30am.

Last night, I was awake past 3am. I woke up at 7:30am.

Who needs an alarm clock when your body comes pre-installed with one? I have no problems waking up; my problem is in getting up.

Back to the insomnia. Clearly. I am awake right now. That, or I sleepblog. Oh gee...I already post enough in the hours I'm awake...let's hope I don't start that.

I have no idea why I stay up so late...or how I stay up so late. My current schedule at work has be working until 8:30pm. At around 7:30 I get so tired and I'm tired until I get home...and then I'm wired, like I am now.

And what do I do during my insomniac hours? Nothing productive, of course. I'm pretty much out of clean clothes and my room is a mess...but I'm not doing anything about that. I'm watching MTV (they actually play music videos at's unreal!), facebook stalking (I am a master stalker...I can find anyone. Like, Chris L.'s friend that has a picture or two of him on her page...yep, found it.), and blogging...(about nothing).

So. Since I can't sleep and all four of my many, many friends are asleep like normal people...we can chat. Umm...what's up? Nothing? Well...yeesh. I'll do all the talking, I guess.

I had a phone interview today. It went...well. I wouldn't say it was fabulous, but it was good. If I made the cut, I'll have a second round technical phone interview next. After that, if I make it again...I'll have an in office interview in Austin. I've also applied to some places in Memphis so I can move there with my sister. I also kind of like the thought of staying in Oxford for another year. Or six months. Who knows. I really don't know. And, really, I kind of like not knowing. For now. In a few months I'll begin really freaking out if my life still has no direction.

Side note: I just realized that MTV is only showing Unplugged videos...awesome. Loving it. Maybe they'll go old school with some Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Or Eric Clapton. Definitely my three favorite MTV Unplugged sessions.

Also, I've decided that if things don't work out with Chris L., I'm gonna move onto the lead singer from The Maine. I need myself a tattooed, long haired, punkish, musician type. That is my type. Or, at least...the type I'm attracted to. It's never the type I actually date. Maybe I'm too intimidated because I'm not "weird" enough. But guys, I am pretty weird.

The Maine - Into Your Arms:

Another side note: Silversun Pickups dude, awesome voice...but it doesn't look like it's coming out of him. He just doesn't look like he'd sound like that. Hmm.

Okay, well...Andy's match starts at 7am. I have an alarm set, but I'll definitely be up by 7:30...but I'm going to try to force myself to go to sleep now.

It was nice chatting.

Gee I'm pathetic.

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