Thursday, June 17, 2010

Isn't Blackmail Illegal?

Blackmail is illegal, right?? Didn't the guy that was trying to blackmail David Letterman for $$millions$$ plead guilty and get like six months in prison and 1,000 community service hours?

Yeah. Thought so.

Well. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am being blackmailed. This fella that is supposed to be a friend of mine decided that he wanted to embarrass me. Since he is, clearly, an avid reader of my blog, he knows all about my slight crush I have on Chris L. from the Bachelorette.

So. He has created and is threatening to send an email to the Lambton family landscaping company professing my love for Chris along with a link to this here blog. Whattttt?

They probably won't even read it... and even if they do, they won't show it to Chris... and even if they do, he won't think twice about it... and even if he does, he won't click the link to my blog... and if he does.....

Chris, I did not make that email address and I did not send the email. I'm not that weird. But I mean...if you're interested..... lemme know.

Anyway. Back to the BLACKMAIL. It's not like he's even saying do this and I won't send it or if you do this, I'll send it. It's just like... hanging over my head. Always there. He's gonna send it if I say something mean or do something mean or whatever... And guys, I'm mean like, 83.6% of the time I'm around him. Uh-oh.

Chris. It wasn't me. Unless you want it to be.

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