Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Istanbul was Constantinople now it's The Bachelorette 7 to 5

[I didn't get to do my usual Monday night Bachelorette rant because I went to Pontotoc where my mother has America Online dial-up internet (yes, it still exists) so that I could drive her to her dentist appointment at 8 this morning. Sweet daughter, I know, I know. BUT. Lucky for you...I take notes!]

Yesterday, I had a definite case of the Mondays. And by that I mean I was super pumped for the Bachelorette to come on. I get to lust after Chris and make fun of Ali and the other guys...what better way to spend my Monday night?

This week, they traveled to Constantinople Istanbul, Turkey.

Before the episode began, my list was:

1. Chris
2. Kirk
3. Frank
4. Roberto
5. Ty
6. Craig
7. Justin

Surprise, surprise....it's Rated R that has the girlfriend. And Justin's girlfriend looks like she'd like that douche. Sick.

I wish all of the guys would have 1.) delivered Ali a big fat I TOLD YOU SO and 2.) held him down and took turns punching his stupid ass.

One on One with Ty:
I know I'm from the South and Ty is sweet but his accent is really starting to annoy me. And that "eskimo kiss" he gave Ali after they kissed...cheese!

Pssh. I don't like Ty anymore I can't even pinpoint why exactly...I just, eh. I wouldn't pick him. But of course, Ali gave him a rose.

Group Date with Chris, Craig, Kirk, & Roberto:
My first thought:
Ali is making the guys fight huge Turkish men greased up in olive oil for a chance to win alone time with her? WTF?

I took back every doubt I had when shirtless Chris was covered in oil.

Craig is a lawyer and he was obviously kind of threatened by the other guys and said, "I fight with words generally." So cute. I literally clapped when Craig won. Sweet thing deserved it.

One on One with Frank:
Frank is precious. I honestly think Ali is in love with Frank. If the show ended now and she had to pick...I really think she'd pick Frank (which is perfectly fine with me...as long as she stays away from Chris).

Let me just say I think it's weird that these guys talk to each other about their "feelings" for Ali. I know guys do have "girl talk" no matter how hard they try to deny it...but when they're all dating the same girl? How do they not punch each other?

I think Craig is so sweet but I never saw a connection between the two. It was quite obvious that he was her choice to send home and her reason for not having a cocktail party. So obvious, that I almost thought she was gonna take back a rose or do something crazy cause this show is all about shock factor and is usually not very obvious.

Roses: Frank and Ty already have them. Roberto. Chris. Kirk.

Poor Craig. If she and her boyfriend don't work out...give my friend Lindsay a call. She's into you, man. And give Chris my phone number. Thanks.

My revised favorites list:

Also, I've already read the spoilers so I know what happens up until the top 3 and

one. the previews gave way too much away

but in the same breath

two. they also made it look like something/someone it's not.

unless the spoilers are wrong...and I really don't think that's the case. ABC likes to screw with people. But hey, it keeps us interested, doesn't it?

So the Bachelor Pad starts August 9th. Annnnnd I marked my calendar for it. I've never been a sucker for these shows...but now I am. Especially since Jesse is gonna be on it. Sexy.

Fun Fact: If I can look past embrace Chris' choice to wear those tennis shoes with his suit...then it's true love. We're meant to be.

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