Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Bachelors

Okay, so...I'd never watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette until Jake's season (last season). I really don't even know why I started watching it, but once I started - I couldn't stop. I picked Vienna from the beginning. Possibly because she's my "sister" in Kappa Delta (awwww), possibly because she was a bitch and "men love bitches", orrr possibly because I read the spoilers. Okay so, anyway. Even without the spoilers...each week I thought about who Jake was going to pick...who was the best fit with him.

Well, I just got caught up on The Bachelorette episodes and frankly, I don't care who Ali picks. I care about who she doesn't they're available for me.

So, by who I would like the is the order in which Ali should like these guys. I'll take the ones at the bottom, thanks.

1. Jonathan

2. Justin

3. Craig R.

4. Kasey

5. Chris N.

6. Roberto

7. Kirk

8. Ty

9. Frank

10. Jesse

11. Chris L.

I just realized I spent my Friday night watching a girl go on dates with all these guys...instead of going on one myself. Come home to me, Chris L.

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