Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have You Ever Been to a Stoplight Party?

Impromptu trip to Memphis with:

Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Status: Available

Friend #1
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay
Status: Available

Friend #2
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Status: Taken

Friend #3
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Status: Available

Destination: Senses. It was a Saturday night and Senses is a gay bar with a drag show on Saturday nights. First of all, Friend #1 would love it (and had been before). But not only that, Friend #3 could use it as research for her Multicultural Psychology class. Also, Friend #2 and myself could dance to Britney Spears without having creepy guys hit on us.

We got there a little too early, so we downed a couple drinks, ordered more, and went to sit outside. A man in a black polo (as all the Senses employees were wearing) walked up to us.

"Have you ever been to a stoplight party?"

He mistook our silence, confused expressions, and awkward mumbling to each other as deafness, so he said louder this time:

"Have you ever been to a stoplight party?"

I wanted to get snippy and say, "Clearly, guy, since we have no idea what you're talking No, we have not." But, I opted for the simple, "No."

He whipped out a package of stickers and proceeded to explain to us the meaning of this mysterious stoplight party.

Red means taken.

Yellow means it depends.

Green means available.

We need 3 greens and a yellow. Yellow for Friend #2 of course, because, taken or not...nobody wants to shut out the opportunity for free drinks.

As the time for the drag show neared, we noticed that there weren't very many queens around. A couple here and there, mixed in with a few 18 year olds, and some creepstars.

I noticed my drink was diminishing quickly, so I headed to the bar to order another. Super Creep that had been staring at me since our arrival was at the bar, so I tried not to get too close to him. The bartender was walking toward me when I heard, "Umm...hi..hey...hi."

I glanced toward him and saw that he was right next to me. "Hi," I said as I turned back to the bartender, "Sugar free Red Bull and Vodka please."

"I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm David," he I wasn't even looking his direction.

I grabbed my RBV, turned toward him and said "I'm Faye but I have to go deliver these drinks."

Whew. Got away. But not for long. I needed an emergency RED sticker. He proceeded to follow me around and stare at me all night. Is this not a gay bar? Shouldn't you be looking for dudes? At one point, he came up to me and said, "I saw you when you came in. I just wanted to talk to the prettiest girl here."

I'm still kicking myself for not responding with, "Ooh I'd like to talk to her too, where is she?"

I escaped from creepstar and found Friends 1, 2, and 3 to figure out where these drag queens were. Friend #1 asked a bartendar and this is the story we were given:

Senses usually features a drag show on Saturday nights, but a few nights prior, one of the DJs posted anti-gay signs in the bar. He was fired, but the gay crowd has been minimal ever since, therefore - no drag show, and very few gays.

Lame. Whatever, though. They're still playing good music. We danced the night away, took shots, drank martinis, spilled martinis, slipped on the olives, took more shots, avoided the creeps, laughed at the 18 year olds, requested "3" by Britney Spears, took pictures, did choreographed dances, broke dress straps, lost earrings, and more.

A summary of the rest of our night:
-In actuality: green means gay, red means straight, and yellow means in between.
-Taxi driver, Cortez, gets covered in stickers.
-$26 worth of chips and candy bars at the gas station (where the attendant, Wayne, also gets covered in stickers)
-Taken to the wrong hotel

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bachelorette: Men Tell All (dun dun dun)

Men tell all? They didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Everyone thinks Kasey is crazy, everyone thinks Justin is a douche, and those guys are pretty good at pretending they still think Ali is a "catch".

The Men Tell All was really just...the men telling all about Kasey and Justin, who happen to be the only two people on this show that I dislike more than Ali.

I really don't even have that much to say because 1. it was boring and 2. they only showed Chris what...three times? Lame.

Okay, so. The most "memorable" men joined Chris Harrison for the Men Tell All special. These men were:

Eliminated after the 4th Rose Ceremony.
He was memorable to me. And Jesse + newly shaved head = even more memorable.

Eliminated after 1 on 1 date in Episode 3.
The only memorable thing about Hunter was how painfully awkward that 1 on 1 date was.

Eliminated after 1st Rose Ceremony.
He went home night 1. How does that make him memorable? However, I have a good memory, so I do remember him...and I'm glad he got rid of that mountain man look. It wasn't working for him.

Tyler V.
Eliminated after 2nd Rose Ceremony.
I recognize him but I don't remember him, really. So...not memorable.

Craig R.
Eliminated after 6th Rose Ceremony.
Craig is very memorable. But I can't decide if it's from the show or from Lindsay. The best word to describe him is precious. I'm slightly obsessed with him. Sorry Linds, I still love Chris L. though.

John C.
Eliminated after 3rd Rose Ceremony.
Again, I really don't think he was that memorable. I remember him...but he wasn't ever one of my favorites.

Eliminated after 1st Rose Ceremony.
Again with the first night. Was this guy "Shooter"? The guy who told Ali he got his nickname from having an incident where he prematurely......awkward silence. If so, then yeah...I guess he is memorable. If that's not him, then he's obviously not memorable.

Eliminated after 1st Rose Ceremony.
Hi, who are you?

Eliminated after 3rd Rose Ceremony.
Aah, Steve. Steve is memorable. Because he's so cute.

Chris N.
Eliminated after 5th Rose Ceremony.
Chris N. is memorable for not being memorable and it made him pretty memorable actually. the show, you'll get it.

Eliminated after 8th Rose Ceremony.
Kirk, sweet Kirk. I hope he's the next Bachelor. Not Chris. Not Chris. Not Chris. Not Chris.

Eliminated after 4th Rose Ceremony.
Who can forget the weatherman. Oh, and...who really thinks he's straight? Not me.

Eliminated after 2 on 1 with Justin on Episode 5.
Who will ever forget Kasey? Well, we'll all eventually forget Kasey...but will he ever forget? Not until he dies, or gets his tattoo removed, or has a freak accident where his wrist has to be amputated.

Eliminated after 7th Rose Ceremony.
Ty was memorable for his Southern hospitality...and the Southern twang in his voice. I didn't love him, but he was sweet.

Okay, the big topics.

The Phantom
I'm glad it wasn't just the way the show was edited that made Chris N. look like a creeper. All the guys agree...even himself! And he actually seemed really sweet and funny...but still a creeper.

Crazy Kasey:
All the guys openly admitted that Kasey is pretty crazy...with him sitting there. But, let's face it - it's true! Kasey thought he was out of a fairy tale. I'm not big on fairy tales. I mean, my favorite Disney movie is about a sarcastic girl and a beast. Not a helpless princess and a charming prince. Kasey said, "I want to be a good memory in everyone's heart." First of all, you'll never be in my heart, you'll never guard and protect my heart, and it will be a good memory when I never hear "guard and protect" when referring to a heart ever again.

Justin the douche Wrestler:
It's safe to say...everyone hated Justin/Rated R - even from the first night.

The Frank Fiasco:
The guys were about half and half on Frank. I really don't think Frank was a bad guy, but Kirk had a good point...they were friends, he knew how he felt about Ali, yet he went on to the final 3 knowing he had feelings for another girl...leaving Kirk out of the competition. But, I think it was a little more producers, a lot less Frank.

My favorite things about this episode:
Chris L's impression of The Phantom.
The funny clips montage.
Craig R. dominating all the conversations with his witty remarks.
How awful Ali looked.

...and last, but not least...

The fact that Ali didn't even remember her planetarium date with Kasey because she was so wasted the entire time.

Tune in next Monday to see if my life gets destroyed by either Ali picking Chris or Chris becoming the next Bachelor.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Want It Wednesday

Pretty Little Liars is extra dramatic and very unrealistic, yet I still watch it. Mainly because I want the girls' wardrobe...

...and I want the guys. All of them.


Mr. Fitz



How's that for Want it Wednesday?

But for real. What do I want this Wednesday?

A Fainting Couch

When I thought I was moving off on my own, I had a really good idea of decorations...and they included a fainting couch.

New Hi-Tops

I really want a pair of green hi-tops...but I wish you could buy them used. It takes so long to get them worn in and dirty...and you can't wear them any other way.

Tickets to the Tosh Tour Twenty Ten
and someone to join me

Dying to see him live. But with everyone's ever changing schedules, it's hard to plan in advance.

Also, on Want It Wednesday...I want you to check out The Epilogue of an Era. Quite an entertaining read.

What do you want this Wednesday? And, more importantly, do you have an old pair of green hi-tops, US Women's Size 6 that I can buy?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fears! Aaaaaahhhhh.

fear   [feer]
1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

afraid   [uh-freyd]
1. feeling fear; filled with apprehension: afraid to go.

I'm afraid. I have fears. I have the typical life-long fears of rejection and failure, as most people do. I mean, really, who isn't afraid of some kind of failure? Nobody. Nobody normal anyway. But aside from those, I have three other fears.

I am afraid of spiders.

I can't even post a picture of a spider for your viewing horror pleasure because I am not only afraid of real live creepy crawling spiders...but of fake spiders, and of pictures of spiders, even pictures of fake spiders. I seriously get the heebie jeebies.

A few weeks ago, in a mall in Memphis, outside a Spencers/Hot Topic-esque store, a woman was playing with a remote controlled tarantula. I knew it was fake. But I still almost had a panic attack. I had to cover my eyes and swiftly run calmly walk in the other direction.

Yesterday, I was traumatized. Traumatized. I got in my car to head to work. I rolled my windows down and turned my music up, as I always do. Then I noticed a huge brown thing with eight legs hanging from my open window right beside my head. I freaked. I let go of the steering wheel so I could use both hands to roll up the window. I still haven't quite figured out why I did this because it only takes one finger to push the button. When the window was safely closed and the spider was on the outside, I decided to grab the wheel seconds before I would have plummeted into the ditch on the other side of the road. Luckily, I reached a stop sign with no one behind me. I put my car in park and caught my breath. Then I looked to see if the spider was still there. He was. I drove faster than usual to work, in hopes that he wouldn't be able to hold on and would go flying into the air and hopefully to certain death. No luck with that. When I arrived at work and put my car in park, I looked out the window again to check out the situation. He was clinging to my car, just above my door. I was already late for work so I thought I could open the door and jump out really quick. I tried...and failed. I opened the door just a crack and he tried to attack me! I slammed my door, screamed like an 8 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert, and thought about my escape plan. After a few minutes of staring at the spider making sure it wasn't going to break into my car and get me...I climbed into the back seat, exited through the back passenger door, and ran toward the office.

Later that day, I made Michael go out to my car to kill the spider. He, to my dismay, did not kill the spider. Instead, he removed him her pregnant self from my window and set her on the ground. Those babies think my car is their home...and I just know they're gonna come back and attack me one day.

On a similar, yet different note...other bugs don't bug me. You like what I did there? I don't mind them. I mean, I'm not gonna have them as pets, but I don't cry when I see them. This morning, I got stung by a wasp that decided he wanted to live on my purse. It was my first ever sting, and though I didn't enjoy wasn't too bad. I'm not allergic and I'm just thankful he wasn't a spider.

*UPDATE- this post had been written but not yet published when Michael got to work and scared me with a gigantic fake spider. NOT COOL.

I am afraid of deep water.

I'm not afraid of the water per say, or even being on a boat in it...but I am afraid of being left out there. I'm a decent swimmer, and I can tread water like a champion, but being left alone in the middle of the ocean? That is just a terrifying thought...being out there in the middle of it all with all those creatures and water and wind and waves and no land. So frightening.

But, my biggest fear...and possibly strangest...

I am afraid of losing teeth.

I've had dreams about losing my teeth. I've had dreams about my friends losing their teeth. It's a pretty regular thing for me to wake up and check my mouth to make sure my teeth are still there. I take extra precaution when walking on uneven surfaces not so I won't trip and make a fool of myself but so I won't trip and knock my teeth out. I brush my teeth more often than most because I don't want them to rot and fall out. If something doesn't feel right with my teeth, I freak out and make sure they're okay.

I loved losing my baby teeth. I usually pulled them out before they were quite ready to leave my mouth. Maybe that's why I'm so scared of losing my adult teeth? I know they won't be replaced with new ones. While writing these two paragraphs, I've run my tongue across my teeth at least 50 times to make sure they're okay. So. Scary.

So those are my 3 phobias. What are your biggest fears?

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Monday Again

Tahiti is the perfect place to fall in love.....with three guys? No place is the perfect place to fall in love with three guys. You're supposed to fall in love with one a time.

Chris, honey, if you're ready for am I. You don't want that bleached blond fool, ya want me. I promise.

Ali, Roberto is sexy, look at him. You said you like tall, dark, and handsome...there he is. Leave Chris alone pleeeeease.

Frank, we know Ali loves you...and we know you're about to screw it up. I'm sure the timing has a lot to do with the producers, but whatever. I just pray that it makes her doubt love and therefore NOT pick Chris.

Okay Frank, Ali's not that cute but...Nicole? She is not cute enough for you boy. But on another note, why are you telling her that you have an amazing thing with another girl? Girls don't want to hear that. Girls want to pretend that no other girls exist in your mind. Just fyi.

Date with Roberto
Well, first of all, I'm glad to see Ali finallllly got her roots touched up a little. And man, the girl loves helicopters. I bet her life is pretty plain and boring and unsatisfying without the show...especially since she's unemployed. What a catch. Roberto is precious and they're so good together. And well, since Frank is gonna leave and Chris is mine...he's also the only one left. Aww cute, they got a room together so they could have sex. Wonder if he's happy he's the first? I wonder if she thought about Frank while they were doin' it? I wonder if HE thought about Frank? Also, that was the least sexy shirt removal ever.

Date with Chris
Last week I got so unbelievably jealous watching Chris with Ali...this week I'm just going to pretend it's me he's in Tahiti with. Drinking beer on a boat...seriously my kind of date. Uh I can't pretend it's me...and I just keep staring at the huge zit on Ali's cheek. I've seriously never been more attracted to a guy on TV (maybe in real life too) than I am to Chris...and I have to watch him fall in love with dumbass Ali. I wish that Piranha 3D movie was set in Tahiti and it would really happen and they would eat Ali alive...but Chris would make it out safely, of course. Aww Ali, cute metaphor about the pearl. Shut up. Uh. Just ugghh. I can't watch. "I love this girl. I don't know how to verbalize it." Ugh that's why you're going to express it in another way. Ugh. SHE IS NOT THE ONE FOR YOU. I am. Duh. Please realize this.

So - check this text message conversation that occurred during this:
Well, I guess Roberto didn't do it for her in the sac.
She's just gotta compare I guess.
Ew mom

Date Catastrophe with Frank
Chris Harrison is a TV Show host, not a therapist. If you ask him how to tell Ali, he's gonna tell you how to get the best ratings, not how to do this the best way for you and Ali. I just realized that I hate Frank. If Frank wasn't an idiot, he and Roberto would be the top 2. That would mean Chris would for sure not propose to Ali...and now he's probably going to. Fingers and toes crossed that she says no. Chris Harrison's advice is to tell Ali before the date. Well, duh...then ABC saves all the money it would have spent on the overly extravagant date. Okay, you gotta give props to Frank for at least being honest and not going onto the last episode. Not all guys would do that. Whatever Frank. You suck. I am, however, kind of shocked that Ali didn't pull a, "Well, I mean...we have this key to this room where we can go do it if ya want. I was really hoping for a 3 for 3 and you're kind of screwing that up."

Actually. I just changed my mind completely. Ali, PICK CHRIS. Pleeeease pick Chris. (I know this is all pre-recorded and no amount of pleading will change the outcome but whatever.) If you don't pick Chris, he's gonna become the new Bachelor and I'm gonna have to watch 25 skanky girls fight over him. I cannot do that. So please, Ali...pick Chris, and then have a public breakup because you suck. Then I can mend his heart and we can watch Roberto be the next Bachelor as we live happily ever after. God, Chris is beautiful. I can't stop staring at him. I think I might, really, have a problem.

Sweet chucks, ya poser. Also, the first thing that came to mind when I was saving this picture was Ali Sucks. So, it is alisucks.jpg - yep.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hometown Says Happier Elsewhere

The Bachelorette travels to hometowns. I (don't judge me) normally take notes while watching The Bachelorette so I can remember things to make fun of and practice writing "Lambton", but I cooked dinner last night and had some friends over to eat while we I didn't pull out my notepad.

Roberto - Tampa
Ali went to see Roberto in Tampa. (Because you couldn't get that from my subtitle up there.) They played a cheesy, flirty game of catch while she wore one of his old baseball jerseys. Okay, it was kind of cute...whatever. Then she met his family. I felt like I was watching Dude, Where's My Car...
"This is Zabu, Zellnor, Zelbor, Zelmina, and, uh, Jeff."
Roberto introduced Ali to his: dad-Roberto, mom-Ulga, sister-Ulga, and some random kid named Peter. Sorry dude. They sat down to dinner and then played the Latino version of Dance Dance Revolution...isn't that what happened? Something like that. Whatever it was, during her dance break was the only time Ali didn't have a drink glued to her hand.

Chris - Cape Cod
Next stop was to see Chris. They played on the beach with his precious dog and then went to his home. I almost couldn't watch because I was so insanely jealous. Everything about this guy (as seen on TV) is exactly my type. He is perfect for me. His family was absolutely precious. "Love is the only reality" - a bit cheesy for my liking, but I love it. He's so handsome, funny, sweet, loving...ah. I literally covered my eyes when they kissed in the mini-castle in his back yard. Oh and...whose car was that in the driveway? Because I drive the same exact car. Is that life giving us a hint? I think so. My favorite thing about their date was when it was over. First of all, because it was over...but secondly, because he whispered in her ear and pried her beer out of her hand when she was saying goodbye to his family. Ali, maybe you should leave these guys alone and go hang out with Lindsay Lohan.

Kirk - Green Bay
Kirk's parents don't speak to each other, which I think is weird. (Red Flag.) Ali was greeted by Kirk's mustached father, stepmother, and adopted little sister. That sounds weird...only the father has a mustache. "So, you wanna see my basement?" was the greeting by dad. Red Flag #2. I'm from Podunk, Mississippi and the dad's taxidermy shop still freaked me out a little lot. But Kirk's dad really was sweet. Just creepy. While Ali and Kirk were on their way to Kirk's mom's house, the spectators at my house decided why the parents don't speak. It was definitely a one night stand. Kirk's mom is a socialite. She was at a formal event. Kirk's dad was the creepy valet. She was smashed. "She tipped him $5; he tipped her a kid." Then we met the mom and decided that was not the case. The mystery of the nonspeaking parents is still unsolved. Mom was nice, too...but also slightly creepy. I just didn't picture Kirk coming from these two. He's so cute. Anyway. Ali sipped gulped on her red wine for this entire date, as well. Chill out girl.

Frank - Chicago
Frank took Ali on a boat ride, cutie. Underneath his cardigan he was wearing a deeper V than Daniel Tosh has ever seen. I'm pretty sure I got a glimpse of his belly button. But enough about that. His family was really cute. And despite his over-emotional self on the boat, it is obviously clear that Ali is already in love with him. Frank's sister warned told Ali that Frank is completely guided by his emotions. He's so completely precious, but I couldn't deal with that emotional, clingy stuff. No thank you. Knock yourself out Ali. Literally. A concussion would be good for you.

So with Roberto she got a baseball field. With Chris a beach. And with Frank a boat. Kirk's date had...a stuffed baby bear? Romantic.

Listen, people. When someone breaks up with you...if they say "it's not because ________" - whatever they put in that blank is exactly the reason they're leaving you. Hence why Ali said, "It's not because of your family," when she didn't pick Kirk. Yes. Yes, it is. Now, wasn't because your family is your was because they weren't Roberto's family, Chris' family, or Frank's family.

So I've read that if Ali doesn't pick Chris, they want him to be the next Bachelor. So I either need to sign up to be on it, or make sure any and all things ABC are blocked from my television and computer for the duration of his season. I couldn't watch him fall in love with someone. Nope, too jealous.

Okay guys...if any of you watch the Bachelorette and think you're in any way comparable to Chris...let me know, because I want to marry meet you. Wait, who am I kidding? Straight guys don't watch the Bachelorette. Uh.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Why do I still watch this show?

It really bugged me that Ali kept talking about how she had a lot on her mind and couldn't focus and blah blah. You're dating five four hot guys and another cute guy...while getting paid for it, and traveling the world...and getting extravagant meals and dates. STFU. Thanks.

One on One with Roberto. She had a fun date with Roberto, woo...she always does.

Frank and Ty went on a 2 on 1 date. We all know she loves Frank. Ty gets on my nerves now. His shirt was hideous (as is the one in his bio on the website). I'm glad they didn't show much of the awkward 3 person intimate dinner. But the alone times were just as awkward cause I was just wondering what the one was doing while she was canoodling with the other.

So Frank and Chris both live at home with their parents. I'd still marry Chris. I'll buy you a house, boy.

One on One with Kirk. He seems to really like Ali, but I don't see it really reciprocated. I mean, she kissed him after their serious talk, but look at him...I'd kiss him too. Ali loves Frank. And she likes Roberto.

One on One with Chris. I almost didn't want to watch cause I'd just be so jealous...but I had to, because I wanted to stare at him and hear him talk. God, I'm obsessed. Like, it almost scares me. Yeesh. Did she say she couldn't see herself visiting his family or did I hear that wrong? Chris was so cute on the scooter. I'll ride slow with him on anything. Ali is an idiot and doesn't deserve him. I just really think he's my soul mate. I'm just throwing that out there...again. She said, "Chris would make an amazing husband." Yeah girl...I'll tell you how great of a husband he is in about 5 or 6 years.

The four men left in this dumb competition are:

I guess she won't be visiting Dollywood in Nashville. Darn. What a shame. Also, did Ty have a bottle of wine in his hand when he left? Love it. And I love that she stood in the rain pretending the be a white-ish dress, of course.

My prediction is (I only read the spoilers to the hometown dates, so I really don't know what happens) Ali is in love with Frank...he's gonna do something to break her heart and she's not going to pick anyone.

Okay, so the real drama...Jake & Vienna. I like Vienna; I always did. And I think Jake is a douche...and possibly gay. So, I'm on Vienna's side all the way. People think she's a bitch, but bitches need love too! She does. I do. We all do.

My thoughts as this interview progresses:
Jake needs to chill with the self tanner. And he needs to wipe that douchelord smirk off his face. He's in a "confused emotional state"?...I think he's in a "confused sexual state". I think Vienna is sweet. Poor thing. Jake sucks. He doesn't want to kiss you cause he's GAY, girl. I would have taken it to the tabloids, too. Their relationship IS public, the breakup was going to be public too, regardless. Ugh, Jake is suuuuch a douche. I can't even look at him. Jake is jealous that Vienna was hanging out with a gay guy? Jealous because he wasn't hanging out with the gay guy. His smirks and laughs are really making me want to punch him. If I was her, I would. He's such a jerk uuughhghgh. He just said "I did break up with you, Vienna." BUT at the beginning of this interview, he said he found out they broke up when he got back into town and she was gone and he saw the tabloids. He is a liar. He also SUCKS. I know so many people hate Vienna...but I think I'm a lot like her. I like her! Also, he said one of the reasons he loved her was because she challenged him. But now that she challenges him...she's "undermining" him. He's bipolar and crazy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Like Men interests are all over the map. My two favorite things are pretty much polar opposites. Tennis and Dance.

In my realization of how random my interests are, I've come to a very un-shocking conclusion....

I don't like women.

I mean, I'm a woman...and I like myself (a lot), I like my female friends...and my mom and sister are cool too...but I mean in general.

For example. Tennis.

Women's tennis? No thanks. I mean, I watched a Sharapova match in Memphis and I like her, but it was unbelievably boring...especially since it followed Roddick vs Blake. (Post about that here.) And I really can't stand the Williams sisters. I like the men. And my favorite men are:

1. Roger Federer

2. Robin Söderling

3. Andy Roddick

4. Lleyton Hewitt

A few others that have made their way onto my radar in the past year include:

John Isner

Jurgen Melzer

Philipp Petzschner

They have joined my favorite players, my least favorite players [Nadal and Murray], along with Monfils, Tsonga, and other top players onto my list of who to keep up with.

And then there's example #2. Dance.

I've watched So You Think You Can Dance...every episode...since the first season. Let's take a moment to recap who my favorites were by looking at one of their solos and a favorite couple dance:

Season 1

[Broadway with Melody - Choreography by Tyce Diorio]

Season 2

[Contemporary with Heidi - Choreography by Mia Michaels]

Season 3

[Contemporary with Lauren - Choreography by Mia Michaels]


[Jazz with Sabra- Choreography by Mandy Moore]

Season 4

[Jazz with Courtney- Choreography by Sonya Tayeh]

Season 5

[Contemporary with Kayla- Choreography by Mia Michaels]


[Contemporary with Jeanine- Choreography by Travis Wall (from season 2)]

Season 6

[Contemporary with Kathryn- Choreography by Stacey Tookey]


[Contemporary with Ellenore- Choreography by Sonya Tayeh]

Wow, that was hard to choose only one favorite dance from each of them.

For the current season, my favorites are Robert and Alex. (More to come as the season progresses.)

So I would spend some time summing this whole thing up about how I just like guys better...athletes, dancers, actors, singers...etc. Buuuut I'm about to go watch every SYTYCD video there is on youtube.

K bye.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm definitely getting a tattoo........maybe.

So. I like tattoos. If you know me, you know that.

Many of my celebrity crushes are "tat tat tatted up". Like:

M. Shadows


John Mayer.

Oh, and

can't forget Megan Fox.


I just think tattoos are awesome. When they're neat. And unique. And thought out. [Side note: I have a feeling Britney Spears regrets all of her awful tattoos as much as she regrets the infamous head-shaving.]

A lot of people my age have tattoos. And, really cool tattoos at that.

©Copyright m(elanie)

©Copyright Jerrica

©Copyright Team Donkey Snacks

So I have definitely decided that I might get a tattoo.

For years I have been thinking about getting a tattoo on my wrist. I know this girl that has two tattoos. Neither are fully exposed in a swim suit; they're pretty hidden... she got tattoo #1 after months of planning and thinking it over and she loved it. She still loves it. She got tattoo #2 on a whim. She hates it. I don't want to hate ano a tattoo on my body. Especially one in plain sight. So I need to make sure I'm sure I want this.

I considered, (for a reallllly long time), getting this tattoo on my wrist:

We all know Kurt is my soul mate.. and even though he's all dead and decayed and whatnot, it would still be cute for us to have matching tattoos right?

Well, now...I have another tattoo idea. I'm sure I want it. It's unique. It's neat. It's perfect. As is ...aforementioned girl's first tattoo. So I want it. I'm getting it. For Sure.

But. What about when I'm 50.. Do I want a tattoo on my wrist when I'm fifty? When I'm a mom...when I'm a grandma? Do I want a visible tattoo?

Well, I want it now. Live for the moment. Live each day to the fullest. Carpe Diem. Carpe Tattoo?

But really, am I gonna want an old wrinkly ink spot on my wrist when I'm old? I guess that will just give me an excuse to grow my watch collection? Perfect.

Tell me to get it. Tell me it will be fine and I should live in the moment. Tell me not to get it. Tell me I'll regret it and I'll hate it when I'm older. Encourage me. Talk me out of it. Give me the best website to book cruises. Tell me some songs to buy on iTunes. Just gimme advice. About somethin'. Anything. Thanks.