Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bachelorette: Men Tell All (dun dun dun)

Men tell all? They didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Everyone thinks Kasey is crazy, everyone thinks Justin is a douche, and those guys are pretty good at pretending they still think Ali is a "catch".

The Men Tell All was really just...the men telling all about Kasey and Justin, who happen to be the only two people on this show that I dislike more than Ali.

I really don't even have that much to say because 1. it was boring and 2. they only showed Chris what...three times? Lame.

Okay, so. The most "memorable" men joined Chris Harrison for the Men Tell All special. These men were:

Eliminated after the 4th Rose Ceremony.
He was memorable to me. And Jesse + newly shaved head = even more memorable.

Eliminated after 1 on 1 date in Episode 3.
The only memorable thing about Hunter was how painfully awkward that 1 on 1 date was.

Eliminated after 1st Rose Ceremony.
He went home night 1. How does that make him memorable? However, I have a good memory, so I do remember him...and I'm glad he got rid of that mountain man look. It wasn't working for him.

Tyler V.
Eliminated after 2nd Rose Ceremony.
I recognize him but I don't remember him, really. So...not memorable.

Craig R.
Eliminated after 6th Rose Ceremony.
Craig is very memorable. But I can't decide if it's from the show or from Lindsay. The best word to describe him is precious. I'm slightly obsessed with him. Sorry Linds, I still love Chris L. though.

John C.
Eliminated after 3rd Rose Ceremony.
Again, I really don't think he was that memorable. I remember him...but he wasn't ever one of my favorites.

Eliminated after 1st Rose Ceremony.
Again with the first night. Was this guy "Shooter"? The guy who told Ali he got his nickname from having an incident where he prematurely......awkward silence. If so, then yeah...I guess he is memorable. If that's not him, then he's obviously not memorable.

Eliminated after 1st Rose Ceremony.
Hi, who are you?

Eliminated after 3rd Rose Ceremony.
Aah, Steve. Steve is memorable. Because he's so cute.

Chris N.
Eliminated after 5th Rose Ceremony.
Chris N. is memorable for not being memorable and it made him pretty memorable actually. Yeah...watch the show, you'll get it.

Eliminated after 8th Rose Ceremony.
Kirk, sweet Kirk. I hope he's the next Bachelor. Not Chris. Not Chris. Not Chris. Not Chris.

Eliminated after 4th Rose Ceremony.
Who can forget the weatherman. Oh, and...who really thinks he's straight? Not me.

Eliminated after 2 on 1 with Justin on Episode 5.
Who will ever forget Kasey? Well, we'll all eventually forget Kasey...but will he ever forget? Not until he dies, or gets his tattoo removed, or has a freak accident where his wrist has to be amputated.

Eliminated after 7th Rose Ceremony.
Ty was memorable for his Southern hospitality...and the Southern twang in his voice. I didn't love him, but he was sweet.

Okay, the big topics.

The Phantom
I'm glad it wasn't just the way the show was edited that made Chris N. look like a creeper. All the guys agree...even himself! And he actually seemed really sweet and funny...but still a creeper.

Crazy Kasey:
All the guys openly admitted that Kasey is pretty crazy...with him sitting there. But, let's face it - it's true! Kasey thought he was out of a fairy tale. I'm not big on fairy tales. I mean, my favorite Disney movie is about a sarcastic girl and a beast. Not a helpless princess and a charming prince. Kasey said, "I want to be a good memory in everyone's heart." First of all, you'll never be in my heart, you'll never guard and protect my heart, and it will be a good memory when I never hear "guard and protect" when referring to a heart ever again.

Justin the douche Wrestler:
It's safe to say...everyone hated Justin/Rated R - even from the first night.

The Frank Fiasco:
The guys were about half and half on Frank. I really don't think Frank was a bad guy, but Kirk had a good point...they were friends, he knew how he felt about Ali, yet he went on to the final 3 knowing he had feelings for another girl...leaving Kirk out of the competition. But, I think it was a little more producers, a lot less Frank.

My favorite things about this episode:
Chris L's impression of The Phantom.
The funny clips montage.
Craig R. dominating all the conversations with his witty remarks.
How awful Ali looked.

...and last, but not least...

The fact that Ali didn't even remember her planetarium date with Kasey because she was so wasted the entire time.

Tune in next Monday to see if my life gets destroyed by either Ali picking Chris or Chris becoming the next Bachelor.


  1. Faye! First of all, I LOVE your blog. Second of all, I agree. No way the weatherman is straight. I think his little parody of Justin's voicemails was his way of telling the world he's gay. Chris Harrison even said it in a not so direct way.

  2. If Allie picks Chris...I will die! Roberto is so dreamy!! And...Tall, dark and handsome! Cuuute blog by the way!!!