Friday, July 2, 2010

I Like Men interests are all over the map. My two favorite things are pretty much polar opposites. Tennis and Dance.

In my realization of how random my interests are, I've come to a very un-shocking conclusion....

I don't like women.

I mean, I'm a woman...and I like myself (a lot), I like my female friends...and my mom and sister are cool too...but I mean in general.

For example. Tennis.

Women's tennis? No thanks. I mean, I watched a Sharapova match in Memphis and I like her, but it was unbelievably boring...especially since it followed Roddick vs Blake. (Post about that here.) And I really can't stand the Williams sisters. I like the men. And my favorite men are:

1. Roger Federer

2. Robin Söderling

3. Andy Roddick

4. Lleyton Hewitt

A few others that have made their way onto my radar in the past year include:

John Isner

Jurgen Melzer

Philipp Petzschner

They have joined my favorite players, my least favorite players [Nadal and Murray], along with Monfils, Tsonga, and other top players onto my list of who to keep up with.

And then there's example #2. Dance.

I've watched So You Think You Can Dance...every episode...since the first season. Let's take a moment to recap who my favorites were by looking at one of their solos and a favorite couple dance:

Season 1

[Broadway with Melody - Choreography by Tyce Diorio]

Season 2

[Contemporary with Heidi - Choreography by Mia Michaels]

Season 3

[Contemporary with Lauren - Choreography by Mia Michaels]


[Jazz with Sabra- Choreography by Mandy Moore]

Season 4

[Jazz with Courtney- Choreography by Sonya Tayeh]

Season 5

[Contemporary with Kayla- Choreography by Mia Michaels]


[Contemporary with Jeanine- Choreography by Travis Wall (from season 2)]

Season 6

[Contemporary with Kathryn- Choreography by Stacey Tookey]


[Contemporary with Ellenore- Choreography by Sonya Tayeh]

Wow, that was hard to choose only one favorite dance from each of them.

For the current season, my favorites are Robert and Alex. (More to come as the season progresses.)

So I would spend some time summing this whole thing up about how I just like guys better...athletes, dancers, actors, singers...etc. Buuuut I'm about to go watch every SYTYCD video there is on youtube.

K bye.

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