Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm definitely getting a tattoo........maybe.

So. I like tattoos. If you know me, you know that.

Many of my celebrity crushes are "tat tat tatted up". Like:

M. Shadows


John Mayer.

Oh, and

can't forget Megan Fox.


I just think tattoos are awesome. When they're neat. And unique. And thought out. [Side note: I have a feeling Britney Spears regrets all of her awful tattoos as much as she regrets the infamous head-shaving.]

A lot of people my age have tattoos. And, really cool tattoos at that.

©Copyright m(elanie)

©Copyright Jerrica

©Copyright Team Donkey Snacks

So I have definitely decided that I might get a tattoo.

For years I have been thinking about getting a tattoo on my wrist. I know this girl that has two tattoos. Neither are fully exposed in a swim suit; they're pretty hidden... she got tattoo #1 after months of planning and thinking it over and she loved it. She still loves it. She got tattoo #2 on a whim. She hates it. I don't want to hate ano a tattoo on my body. Especially one in plain sight. So I need to make sure I'm sure I want this.

I considered, (for a reallllly long time), getting this tattoo on my wrist:

We all know Kurt is my soul mate.. and even though he's all dead and decayed and whatnot, it would still be cute for us to have matching tattoos right?

Well, now...I have another tattoo idea. I'm sure I want it. It's unique. It's neat. It's perfect. As is ...aforementioned girl's first tattoo. So I want it. I'm getting it. For Sure.

But. What about when I'm 50.. Do I want a tattoo on my wrist when I'm fifty? When I'm a mom...when I'm a grandma? Do I want a visible tattoo?

Well, I want it now. Live for the moment. Live each day to the fullest. Carpe Diem. Carpe Tattoo?

But really, am I gonna want an old wrinkly ink spot on my wrist when I'm old? I guess that will just give me an excuse to grow my watch collection? Perfect.

Tell me to get it. Tell me it will be fine and I should live in the moment. Tell me not to get it. Tell me I'll regret it and I'll hate it when I'm older. Encourage me. Talk me out of it. Give me the best website to book cruises. Tell me some songs to buy on iTunes. Just gimme advice. About somethin'. Anything. Thanks.


  1. First of all, thanks for the compliment. I happen to have two tattoos. :)
    Second of all, our tastes change throughout our life. What I liked three years ago, I think is a bit silly now. (Except for Britney,of course)
    A tattoo will
    1) fade and has to be redone after 2 or 3 years
    2) stay with you forever, since right now laser removal leaves a scar (and I'd much rather keep a tattoo than have an ugly scar replacing it.
    3) look wrinkly... yes, if I live to be 50,60,70... my tattoos will look like nasty blobs.
    4) receive many comments, questions and criticism. Unfortunately, we we live in a world where may are judgmental and have preconceived notions of how they feel about a certain subject. In the work field, you might feel like you want to cover it, which by the way, is a very difficult task.

    So, my advice to you:
    If you have any doubt whatsoever about getting a tattoo, don't get it.
    It is not worth the hassle of getting it removed in the future, trying to cover it or disliking it after several years.

  2. It took me 4 years to get mine and I have been thinking about my next one for about 2 years. Get it in a place where you can hide it easily if you can't have them at a job, but you can show it off! No point in having well thought out ink that you love and can't show!! Shoulder, Foot or Ankle are great!!

  3. I'm gonna tell you this: DO IT!! If you love tattoos and,especially,if the ones that you wanna get mean something to you,then do it. I read the other comments and even though I kinda agree,I also think that tattoos are a form of expression and that always show a side of you or something that happened to you. So,I don't think you can stop liking them,for they remind you of something that you went through or of hiw you used to be! At least,that's what I think! I hope this helps xD