Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Want It Wednesday

Pretty Little Liars is extra dramatic and very unrealistic, yet I still watch it. Mainly because I want the girls' wardrobe...

...and I want the guys. All of them.


Mr. Fitz



How's that for Want it Wednesday?

But for real. What do I want this Wednesday?

A Fainting Couch

When I thought I was moving off on my own, I had a really good idea of decorations...and they included a fainting couch.

New Hi-Tops

I really want a pair of green hi-tops...but I wish you could buy them used. It takes so long to get them worn in and dirty...and you can't wear them any other way.

Tickets to the Tosh Tour Twenty Ten
and someone to join me

Dying to see him live. But with everyone's ever changing schedules, it's hard to plan in advance.

Also, on Want It Wednesday...I want you to check out The Epilogue of an Era. Quite an entertaining read.

What do you want this Wednesday? And, more importantly, do you have an old pair of green hi-tops, US Women's Size 6 that I can buy?


  1. How can you tell which ones are the girls and which are the guys? They all look the same.

  2. I watch that show too! It's so bad, but I can't help it! I like Mr. Fitz and Wren :)


  3. Thanks for the shout out! :) I'm OBSESSED with PLL too, have you read the books? I have all of them...
    Riddle me this: How do you put all these cool links and pictures in your blog? I am technically challenged...

  4. HELLO MR. FITZ! Back off Faye, he's mine. And since I got you started on this fab show, you must hand him over. LOVE YOU, mean it.

  5. tosh is funny, I was watching his stand up on netflix earlier tonight - further - I wish there was somewhere local or at least within an hour or so drive where comedians would come to.