Monday, July 5, 2010

Why do I still watch this show?

It really bugged me that Ali kept talking about how she had a lot on her mind and couldn't focus and blah blah. You're dating five four hot guys and another cute guy...while getting paid for it, and traveling the world...and getting extravagant meals and dates. STFU. Thanks.

One on One with Roberto. She had a fun date with Roberto, woo...she always does.

Frank and Ty went on a 2 on 1 date. We all know she loves Frank. Ty gets on my nerves now. His shirt was hideous (as is the one in his bio on the website). I'm glad they didn't show much of the awkward 3 person intimate dinner. But the alone times were just as awkward cause I was just wondering what the one was doing while she was canoodling with the other.

So Frank and Chris both live at home with their parents. I'd still marry Chris. I'll buy you a house, boy.

One on One with Kirk. He seems to really like Ali, but I don't see it really reciprocated. I mean, she kissed him after their serious talk, but look at him...I'd kiss him too. Ali loves Frank. And she likes Roberto.

One on One with Chris. I almost didn't want to watch cause I'd just be so jealous...but I had to, because I wanted to stare at him and hear him talk. God, I'm obsessed. Like, it almost scares me. Yeesh. Did she say she couldn't see herself visiting his family or did I hear that wrong? Chris was so cute on the scooter. I'll ride slow with him on anything. Ali is an idiot and doesn't deserve him. I just really think he's my soul mate. I'm just throwing that out there...again. She said, "Chris would make an amazing husband." Yeah girl...I'll tell you how great of a husband he is in about 5 or 6 years.

The four men left in this dumb competition are:

I guess she won't be visiting Dollywood in Nashville. Darn. What a shame. Also, did Ty have a bottle of wine in his hand when he left? Love it. And I love that she stood in the rain pretending the be a white-ish dress, of course.

My prediction is (I only read the spoilers to the hometown dates, so I really don't know what happens) Ali is in love with Frank...he's gonna do something to break her heart and she's not going to pick anyone.

Okay, so the real drama...Jake & Vienna. I like Vienna; I always did. And I think Jake is a douche...and possibly gay. So, I'm on Vienna's side all the way. People think she's a bitch, but bitches need love too! She does. I do. We all do.

My thoughts as this interview progresses:
Jake needs to chill with the self tanner. And he needs to wipe that douchelord smirk off his face. He's in a "confused emotional state"?...I think he's in a "confused sexual state". I think Vienna is sweet. Poor thing. Jake sucks. He doesn't want to kiss you cause he's GAY, girl. I would have taken it to the tabloids, too. Their relationship IS public, the breakup was going to be public too, regardless. Ugh, Jake is suuuuch a douche. I can't even look at him. Jake is jealous that Vienna was hanging out with a gay guy? Jealous because he wasn't hanging out with the gay guy. His smirks and laughs are really making me want to punch him. If I was her, I would. He's such a jerk uuughhghgh. He just said "I did break up with you, Vienna." BUT at the beginning of this interview, he said he found out they broke up when he got back into town and she was gone and he saw the tabloids. He is a liar. He also SUCKS. I know so many people hate Vienna...but I think I'm a lot like her. I like her! Also, he said one of the reasons he loved her was because she challenged him. But now that she challenges him...she's "undermining" him. He's bipolar and crazy.

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