Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 2 Cities

1. I looove Top 2 Tuesday (because I don't have to come up with my own topic.)

2. I hate that button. Like her blog, but I hate the color pink. Bleh.

Today's topic: Top 2 Cities


Most of my family lives in Dallas. I spent a ton of summers, Thanksgivings, Christmases, Cotton Bowls, etc. in Dallas. I just love it there!

my uncle's house/my favorite house


Cotton Bowl!

Cotton Bowl...brings me to Hotty Toddy...which brings me to...


Oxford might not be where I "grew up"...but it's where I grew up. College. That is when we grow up, isn't it? I spent my 4 amazing years of college in Oxford. I got my first job in Oxford. I still work in Oxford. Ole Miss is the Harvard of the South. The grove is the heart of Ole Miss. The grove is the heart of me. (Along with the Library Sports Bar.) No matter where I move off to (and I will be moving off soon), I will always, always leave a part of my heart at Ole Miss.
Hotty Toddy!

the square




the walk

the grove

And on that note...OLE MISS FOOTBALL starts in FOUR days! Cannot wait!

Monday, August 30, 2010

MusicMonday Maroon5

Friday night...Holly, Morgan, and I went to see Maroon 5 in Memphis at the Mud Island Amphitheater. First of all, what a beautiful venue it was.

Secondly, I had great company.

But most importantly, it was a great concert. Kris Allen was the opener. I don't watch American Idol and don't particularly care for his singles, so I wasn't all that excited about him. But I do have to admit...his Heartless/Gangsta's Paradise mashup was extremely impressive.

And then...Maroon 5. Definitely a whole 'nother level.

I've been a Maroon 5 fan since they came out. (I actually think I heard them first as Kara's Flowers one summer in Dallas.) But I didn't expect them to be so...amazing.

They played allll my favorite songs. (Maybe because all their songs are my favorite songs?) I was so pumped to hear Harder to Breathe and I even squealed like a girl when they started Secret. [Are you thinking 'like a girl? But you are a girl! Yeah, I am...but I'm pretty monotone and I definitely don't have that high-pitched squeaky girly voice...so this was a strange thing for me.]

I mean...damn. Really.

Adam Levine is the second sexiest specimen of man on the entire planet. You all know who my number one is, right? Why, Kurt Cobain's corpse of course.

Okay, not really. But if you know me...you know I have 2 distinct and polar opposite types.

Type 1: Tall. Athletic. A real man's man. Possibly a landscaper. Maybe from Cape Cod. You know, just a nice, good-looking, tall, hunk of a man.

and then there's

Type 2: Tall. Thin. Tattooed. Skinny jean/Deep V wearing rocker dude.

Adam Levine is the epitome of Type 2.

Is there any girl that would have turned down the starring role in the music video for This Love? I think not.

I've added a new lifetime goal to my ever growing list: be in a Maroon 5 video.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Follower Friday

Why do I want people to read what I write? It's not profound. It's not clever. It's not funny. Okay, okay...it is funny...sometimes.

Why? Because it's an ego boost. And who doesn't want that?

My friend Rachel decided that once she got 100 followers, she was gonna have a giveaway! She's only 7 away! Check her out at {simple.little.joys}! While you're at it, follow her...and maybe you can win her giveaway.

So. Here goes. I'm gonna do it too. And I'm gonna aim just as high. When I get 100 followers...I'm gonna have a giveaway!

By the time I get to 100, I'll probably have written a book...so maybe it will be a free signed copy (or a mention in the credits). Maybe it'll be some sort of gift card. Maybe it will be Chris Lambton's phone number. (Just kidding Chris.) But maybe I can get him to autograph an E. Lambton shirt or something?

But I will have a giveaway...and I will let the followers decide what the prize is. We have a long way to go, so you have plenty of time to choose! Please, no kidneys.

To sum it up...my blog gets a lot of hits these days. So unless it's my 31 followers reading it repeatedly, I should have a lot of followers right? Right.

If you like what you read, follow along and keep reading! Maybe you can win my giveaway!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Step

So you know (and if you don't, I'm about to tell you) Twitter has lists. You use lists to group together people you follow. For example, I have the lists:

where I list...my favorite tweeters.

where I list...people I am related to.


where I list...people that I know in real life and talk to on a semi-regular basis.

So what lists am I on?

Ole Miss people
Quite obvious

Aww yay

I Love These Tweeters
Yes! I'm loved!

Everyone Else

RT of the Day Club
Taco Bueno has me listed. Embarrassing.

Double RT of the Day Club
Taco Bueno has me listed twice. Super embarrassing.

The Best Twitters

Ole Miss
Again, standard.

Legais Interessantes
Assuming that means interesting? Hell yes.

and then the other day I noticed I was listed on a new list...

Freakin Funny
Excuse my language, but...fuck yes.

Do you know who else is listed on this "Freakin Funny" list?

Stephen Colbert, Dane Cook, Aziz Ansari, Conan OBrien, shitmydadsays, Joel McHale, Chelsea Handler, and 59 other funny individuals.

Let me give you some back information. Let me tell you a few of my lifetime goals.

I want...

to have a simple, classy wedding.

to have a loving marriage.

to have a son I can name after my father.

to be successful in my job.

to write a book.

to say or write something that Chelsea Handler thinks is funny.

Yeah. It's a lifetime goal of mine. And being grouped on this list along with her is a step in the right direction.

A very small, tiny, baby step.

But a step nonetheless.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's all Mental.

I work an eight to five job. It's more like an eight until...we're done for the day. But my point is...it starts at eight.

8 am.

Work at 8:00 means I have to set my alarm for 6:00...

So I can snooze until my second alarm goes off at 6:15...

And then snooze again until my third alarm, that I have to get up and walk across the room to disable, goes off at 6:30...

Just so I can get out of bed and be in the shower by 7:00...

And then watch random television programs (usually Saved by the Bell or recorded Tosh.0 episodes) while I get ready...

So that I can leave by 7:45 in order to be at work by...

8 am.

So why can't I just set my alarm for 7:00, get up, get in the shower, and get ready?

It's a mental thing. It's all mental.

I can wake up and be fully awake and capable of getting out of bed, but I just won't. I'll tell myself, "just get up" in the same breath that I'm pleading, "5 more minutes!"

I try to convince myself that I really can sleep another 3 minutes. Which always turns into at least 10.

Usually I'll start to get up at something like 6:43 but then I'll just convince myself to stay in bed until 6:45. After the convincing and a little more shuteye, I'll look to find it is now 6:47. This prompts me to convince myself to stay until 6:50.

Maybe that's part of my self-diagnosed OCD and is similar to how my radio volume in my car must be set at intervals of 5 only?

So. This brings me to...


I want...an alarm clock that punches me until I get out of bed.

Any volunteers?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Not Crazy

I am crazy. No. No. I'm not. I'm not crazy. But I must seem like it.

I skimmed through a few of the tweets that random people were sending to Chris Lambton and thought to myself,

"Really? These people are really telling him that they love him and he's perfect and he's their soul mate and he should meet them for a drink? Really? You're crazy! You don't even know the guy."

Then I decided I'd go back and check out all the times I wrote about him on my blog. Wow. I wrote that I loved him. I wrote that he was perfect. I wrote that he was my soul mate. I wrote that we should meet...and of course it would be for a drink. I'm crazy, I don't even know the guy.

But I didn't really mean it. I mean, I would love to meet him for a drink, who wouldn't? But the rest...I was just kidding. If you know me for real, you know I'm not crazy. Chris Williams, do not comment on that or I will fire you. (bold means business)

I'm not really in love with the guy. But...the way he was portrayed on the show, he has many of the traits that I'm holding out for. But it is a show...with producers...and editing. So who really knows?

So many girls, after reading/seeing Twilight have decided to compare every guy they date to Edward Cullen.

While I have to admit that I loved the books and was always 'Team Edward', I'm not big on glitter...so I will probably compare every guy I date to Chris Lambton (as seen on TV).

Because, really, if every guy I noticed was my soul mate...I'd have a lot of soul mates right now.

There's Chris Lambton, obviously. Kurt Cobain was my first crush/soul mate. John Mayer was on the list for a little while (post Rolling Stone interview, of course). The cute boy from across the room who turned into my boyfriend of a year and a half who turned into my ex boyfriend. That guy with the weird tattoo. Devon Sawa in the 90s. The lead singer of Band of Horses' voice (just his voice). My good friend that I always wished was more than a friend. Zac Hanson 13 years ago. Zac Hanson today. The boy in the black skinny jeans I saw at the gas station earlier.

So, my point. I don't really think Chris Lambton is my soul mate. (Unless he wants to be...) But he did help me form my list of criteria to consider when dating.

Solely looking at my [awkward pause] post (the "famous" one)...I'll explain it like this: I try to be funny. I look for the humor in everything. I also try to be truthful. The truth is often awkward and awkward is always funny.

And I'm not crazy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been unbelievably antsy today. Maybe it's because today is Saturday and I didn't wake up with a hangover (and still in my dress from the night before). That definitely threw me off.

I woke up fairly early. Early for a Saturday, that is. And I had absolutely nothing to do. I could have done some work, but I'm putting that off until tomorrow since I have to go in anyway. I could have gone shopping, but I can't shop without opinions...and there is nobody in Oxford to shop with. I could have read my book, cleaned my house, done laundry, or worked out...but who am I kidding? Today wasn't meant for being productive. I did get my nails done, but that literally took 20 minutes.

So, currently, I am sitting on the couch, drinking a Miller Lite (they should really pay me considering how much I advertise for them), and watching Harry Potter while my roommate works on the new hardwood floors.

I'm so antsy. I need to do something. But what? I guess I will do everything I've been putting off. I'll read a few more chapters in my book. It's so good, I'm surprised I haven't finished it yet. I'll clean up the house. Especially since my roommate is working hard on the floors. I'll do some laundry. I am almost out of clean clothes. If it cools off tonight, I'll run around the neighborhood. Keyword in that statement being if.

The weather for Oxford currently says:

Feels Like: 97°


Hot? Really? Hmm.

Okay, seriously. I think 6pm is a good time to get going. So...here I go.

After I finish this beer.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank You Thursday

I have a job. I work on the main campus of the University of Mississippi.

Ole Miss

In the beautiful town of

Oxford, MS.

I am thankful for that, but that's not what this post is about. Earlier this week, I needed to get into a classroom to look at a smart board. The woman at the front office of the building was overly eager to help me, especially since I'm a new employee. And this department is new to Distance Learning. She dragged me around introducing me to everyone in her sight.

When it was time to meet the assistant dean of the department, I recognized the name. He was the man who holds the keys to said room. While speaking to him, I asked if the keys we requested had been made. They had...but I wasn't gettin' em.

And why? Because Mr. Assistant Dean needed to check with my boss's boss to make sure I am a University employee because, frankly, I "look like a High School kid".

Seeing all the freshman and sophomores...(even juniors and seniors!) back on campus for the upcoming semester makes me feel old. But this guy made me feel young.

Which, today...is not something I'm thankful for. I don't wanna be a little kid anymore. I'm an adult. I have a "big girl" job.

So, Mr. Assistant Dean, I will thank you in 10 years when I'm in my 30s and look like I'm still 22 hopefully. But today, I do not thank you.

Have I not grown up any? Really?

Freshman year.


Nothin'? Bummer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

I've never participated in Top 2 Tuesday but this week, Rachel came up with the topic...and it's fabulous so...of course I have to! Also, check hers out at {simple.little.joys}.

The theme for this week:
Top 2 Characters You'd Want to Play on a TV Show or Movie!

#1 Peyton Sawyer from One Tree Hill

Mainly, because I was her in high school. Angsty? Check. Cheerleader? Check. Listened to great music? Check. Painted my bedroom red? Check. I just didn't wear the black clothes and paint my nails black. But I did go for the cute, brooding boy in the corner.

#2, Casey from 27 Dresses

I saw myself in her, too. Especially her witty remarks:

I mean, I know my moral compass doesn't exactly point due north, but... if I say something's wrong, something's wrong.

He asks if you want a drink. You smile and say, 'Vodka soda.' If you already have a drink, you down it. Then there's some flirting, some interoffice sex, an accidental pregnancy, a shot gun wedding, and a life of bliss. How many times do we have to go over this?

Are you kidding? The only reason to wear this monstrous dress is that so some drunken groomsman can rip it to shreds with his teeth.

Hey, do you want to come over to my place before the party? Some of the guys from shipping are coming, and they're bringing tequila and bubble wrap.

Who was that and where can I get one?

What good is it being appreciated if no one is naked?

These are definitely the 2 characters I would want to play, because they're a lot like ME and I like me.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's to 1,000 More!

So, did you read my [awkward pause] post? Because supposedly 1,000+ people did.

My good friend, Rachel, tweeted this on Saturday:

@ChrisLambton13 @wfayew is gonna kill me but you should read this. So funny! http://wfayew.blogspot.com/2010/08/awkward-pause.html

Why, thank you Rachel. I am funny aren't I? And humble. Really humble.

I was kind of embarrassed but then I also kind of wanted Chris to read it, because I thought he'd get a kick out of it. I mean...it is funny, after all. So I RT'd it.

And what happened? Yeah, you guessed it. Chris read it. Along with 1,000 other people. Or one person read it from 1,000 different computers. My hit counter went up by nearly 1,400 in just a day and a half. For a blog that only has 24 listed followers...that's just insane.

After reading it, Chris replied (to me, but I think it was supposed to go to Rach who initially sent him the link).

@wfayew hahahaha. Love that. Thanks for posting that to me. I gotta call her and see what she says!!

I corrected him with:

@ChrisLambton13 I am actually the author of said post. But you can still call! Haha!

A wise, wise woman (that I don't know) tweeted these wise, wise words:

@ChrisLambton13 @wfayew mississippi girls are the best! U should definitely call her ;)

So, so true @gbckaminski!

[Although I'm originally from Michigan and most of my family is from Dallas, I claim Mississippi, mainly for that reason. And for my beloved Ole Miss...my Alma Mater and current employer.]

When I found out I had gotten over 600 views, I tweeted:

My [awkward pause] blog post about @ChrisLambton13 has gotten over 600 views? #pressure

And I was feeling the pressure. I always wanted to be published somewhere other than in my elementary school (yep...a little book I wrote in first grade was featured at the PTA meeting and copied for all the classrooms) but then when I realized that a LOT of people were reading my writing, I got so nervous!

But, thankfully, I got so many kind and encouraging comments and tweets!

You are a fantastic writer !!!! I don't like to read but if you ever wrote a book I believe I would have to buy it and READ.....SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL :) GLENDA

That is so great. What fun. He will laugh.
Great blog..all women can totally relate to you talking to wicked hot guy on the phone! -Anonymous

This is so cute and I love it. Chris tweeted he loved it too. lol Do you wear your teeshirt everyday. You are so talented, great job!
Patti :)

Hahaha. You're well on your way to becoming a viral sensation. Hope he reads your post. -@cnreves

I saw your blog entry about talking to Chris. So classic! haha I would have acted the same way. -@Allie721

every girl can so relate to your story, keep writing, you are a breath of fresh air :) -@boomerangkarma

hahahaha. It was really good!!! -@ChrisLambton13

Thanks to all the readers and commenters! The sweet comments really meant so much to me. And I expect all 1,000+ of you to buy my book if I ever write one. And if you have any ideas of what I should write a book about...I'll take that, too!

And if any of you are wondering...still no call. Here's to hoping I'll have a chance to redeem myself after my epic awkwardness.

Friday, August 13, 2010

[awkward pause.]

If you've ever even stumbled upon my blog, then you probably know that I had a slight crush on Chris L. during this season of the Bachelorette. It was nothing big or anything, just a little crush. Oh, and if you're here to learn...that is today's lesson in sarcasm.

In research for my many blog posts about Chris L. and the other bachelors competing for Ali, I stumbled upon the Lambton family landscaping business website. I immediately recognized the company symbol from the cute t-shirts that he always wore.

Well...the website happened to mention that the shirts were for sale! Not only that, but a portion of the proceeds go to a charity in honor and memory of his mother. Sweetest thing ever. So, of course I wanted one. But they weren't for sale yet. I checked back every day occasionally to see if the shirts were ready for purchase.

One exciting day, I saw:

They're here!
T-shirts are now for sale in red, white, blue, and black!
A percentage of all profits goes to Compassionate Care ALS.
They're a company that helped us out and especially our mother!
Now you can rock the E. Lambton Gear too!

Why, yes, of course...I want to rock the E Lambton Gear. Thank you. Purchase now!

So, I'm realizing more and more as this post progresses how much of a creep I really am, but I also really do love donating to charity. I do! So in all honesty, I just wanted to donate some money to this great charity and I happened to get a t-shirt along with it.

I got an email that my t-shirt shipped on July 18th. July 31st rolled around and I had to be out of my apartment (I moved into a house across town) and I still hadn't gotten my t-shirt. Bummer. It had been two weeks since the supposed ship date! After I went back to the old place to look for the package a few days later, I started having my doubts.

A friend of mine had mentioned the possibility that someone might have just created this website as a way to rip off crazed Chris L. fans. I was embarrassed that I had fallen for it, upset that I wasn't really going to get a t-shirt, and pissed off that I hadn't thought of the idea first.

Well, thank God my shirt didn't come in as expected.

Because there it was, Monday, August 9th, 2010. 11:14 am CST. My phone rings.

Is this Whitney?
Um yes.
[I go by my middle name, Faye, so it always throws me off for a second.]
You ordered a shirt and it got sent back!
[said with concern]

[at this point I realize that I'm talking to someone from the Lambton family.]
Oh yeah. Yes, I did.
Can I verify the address?
Yes, of course.
Okay so I have 126 Coun--
[I interrupt.]
Actually, can I have it sent to a different address now?
Of course, of course.
Okay, it's ******.
[I say and spell out my street address. I've realized I am talking to Chris and I am stuttering.]
And it's still Oxford, MS.
So is it hot down there?
Oh, I asked if it was hot down there.
Oh yeah, definitely.
Yeah, it's actually pretty hot up here too.
[awkward pause.]
Well, thanks for ordering a shirt!
Oh yes, thank you!
You have a good day.
Oh you too.
[Hang up.]

I fell into the floor and some mixture of giggles, laughter, and tears began pouring out of my face. I had a mini panic attack. Or, I guess it was more of an excitement attack.

After the phone call, I realized all the things I could have said...all the things I should have said. I could have said something cute like, "Oh yeah it's wicked hot down here." (He says wicked a lot.) Or something serious and profound like, ...uh...well, I can't think of anything.

Or I could have said a slew of other things, including (but not limited to):

I love you.
Yeah, it's hot down here...even hotter now.
It's hot up there? Mind if I come see for myself?
Oh, I love you.
Will you hand deliver the shirt so it's certain to get here this time?
Or will you at least wear it first?
I love you.

So many things I could have said. But. I didn't. Probably because I'm not really a creeper. I talk a lot on this blog, but I wouldn't really freak out if I met him. I'd play it cool...because I am cool. Just like I was on the phone. (If stuttering and not being able to form words other than "yeah" and "okay" is cool.)

Anyone thinking, "Are you sure it was him and not one of his brothers? I'm sure they all sound pretty similar.."

To that I say...shut up, please. And let me have this. Just let me have it.

Also, the main reason I am convinced it was Chris was not because I think I'd recognize his voice, but because I have a feeling this is how it went down...

Father and/or brother. "Chris, we just got a shirt back that was ordered by a girl in Mississippi. A girl in Mississippi ordered this shirt from our Landscaping company in Massachusetts. That's alllll you. You gotta call her."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Words aren't enough..

Susan Haskins. Words cannot even begin to describe how she touched every single person she met. Words cannot begin to describe the loss everyone felt when God scooped her up to be with Him instead of us. Words cannot describe the year that has just passed without being able to see her, hear her, and talk to her.

Or, can they?

If they can't, this is close.

For Susan. -The Epilogue of an Era.

Susan. -{simple.little.joys}

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Take Along Tuesday!

Have you ever thought about all the random stuff you carry with you? I asked my readers to think about this last Tuesday in my post What Do You Carry?

Here are a few of the participants and their belongings. Can you match the contents with the owner?









ɐ ˙8 ؛ɥ ˙7 ؛q ˙9 ؛ɟ ˙5 ؛b ˙4 ؛p ˙3 ؛ɔ ˙2 ؛ǝ ˙1 :sɹǝʍsuɐ

Well, I guess this isn't really a magazine you can flip over, so let me try that again.

answers: 1. e; 2. c; 3. d; 4. g; 5. f; 6. b; 7. h; 8. a

Big thanks to Krista, Brad, Morgan, Rachel, Michael, Callie, Lindsey, and Chris for participating!

Also, let's see how much my contents changed from one week to the next.

Last Tuesday


Monday, August 9, 2010

Faye'sbook Celebrates 100 Posts!

This is my 100th post...so to celebrate, here's 100 fun facts about me! Not really. There aren't 100 fun things about me...and I already listed 25 in my post Faye'sbook 25 Things. But I've come up with 25 more, just for you!

1. Futurama and Family Guy are two of my favorite TV shows. I watch them every night.

2. I tie my hair in a knot instead of using a pony tail holder.

3. My Pandora is always playing. My favorite station is titled Band of Vampires riding Horses on the Weekend.

4. My bedroom can get a little messy, but I cannot stand for my bathroom to be dirty or unorganized.

5. I would rather lie on the floor than on the couch.

6. I'm pretty sure I've already had my "one who got away".

7. I eat sunflower seeds pretty much every day.

8. I don't like hellos and goodbyes. All the in between stuff is okay...but hellos and goodbyes are just awkward.

9. Both of my parents were the youngest...as am I.

10. It really bugs me when people don't straighten their wheels when they park.

11. I really do think Smart Water tastes better.

12. My first haircut was when I was 12.

13. I've moved 10 times. Nine in the past 5 years. And in the same town.

14. I very rarely follow my true feelings.

15. I may be sassy, but I am not girly.

16. I love to organize.

17. When I was born, I turned my head to the side. Consequence? A slightly crooked nose. Oh, and I wasn't breathing.

18. I drunk text like it's my job.

19. I have to set my alarm for at least 30 minutes before I want to get up.

20. I still use a paper to-do list, address book, and calendar/planner. I just can't transfer that to the interwebs just yet.

21. Whenever I hear Ben Gibbard's voice on my Pandora, I try to guess whether it's The Postal Service or Death Cab for Cutie. I'm always wrong.

22. The last thing I wash in the shower is my hair and I turn the water to cool.

23. Once I get into a book, I cannot put it down. My current book? Open by Andre Agassi.

24. I have a secret blog where I write what I really want to say. It has zero followers and I like it.

25. I seriously believe that Chris Lambton and I would fall in love if we met. If he could get over how much of a creeper I've been.

Oh, annnnd. I talked to him on the phone today. I talked to Chris Lambton. Seriously. Then I literally fell out of my chair. I wanted to write about this happenstance on the blog today, but I've been looking forward to this celebratory 100th post, so look for the full story later in the week!!

Big Girl Job...Day 1

Today is my first day at my first real job. I've been working in this office for four years as a student, but now I'm staff. Full-time, benefits receiving, got my own business cards, I'm the "boss", staff.

I wanted to move off somewhere after graduation...preferably Austin, TX. I had a few phone interviews and other correspondance with companies, but nothing ever panned out.

The day after I got my rejection (ouch) from the company I really wanted to work for, I got an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

The main thing holding me back in the jobs I was applying for was the lack of a year's experience.

So, I was offered a full-time position in the office I worked in as a student. Sweet deal. Full-time job, benefits, experience, getting to stay in Oxford for another year, and...most importantly...another Rebel football season!!

So, say hello to your newest Ole Miss employee!