Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been unbelievably antsy today. Maybe it's because today is Saturday and I didn't wake up with a hangover (and still in my dress from the night before). That definitely threw me off.

I woke up fairly early. Early for a Saturday, that is. And I had absolutely nothing to do. I could have done some work, but I'm putting that off until tomorrow since I have to go in anyway. I could have gone shopping, but I can't shop without opinions...and there is nobody in Oxford to shop with. I could have read my book, cleaned my house, done laundry, or worked out...but who am I kidding? Today wasn't meant for being productive. I did get my nails done, but that literally took 20 minutes.

So, currently, I am sitting on the couch, drinking a Miller Lite (they should really pay me considering how much I advertise for them), and watching Harry Potter while my roommate works on the new hardwood floors.

I'm so antsy. I need to do something. But what? I guess I will do everything I've been putting off. I'll read a few more chapters in my book. It's so good, I'm surprised I haven't finished it yet. I'll clean up the house. Especially since my roommate is working hard on the floors. I'll do some laundry. I am almost out of clean clothes. If it cools off tonight, I'll run around the neighborhood. Keyword in that statement being if.

The weather for Oxford currently says:

Feels Like: 97°


Hot? Really? Hmm.

Okay, seriously. I think 6pm is a good time to get going. I go.

After I finish this beer.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the lounging-in-pj-pants Saturday. Enjoy yourself, and if you end up doing nothing all day you will probably mimic my Saturday. ;)