Thursday, August 26, 2010

Baby Step

So you know (and if you don't, I'm about to tell you) Twitter has lists. You use lists to group together people you follow. For example, I have the lists:

where I favorite tweeters.

where I list...people I am related to.


where I list...people that I know in real life and talk to on a semi-regular basis.

So what lists am I on?

Ole Miss people
Quite obvious

Aww yay

I Love These Tweeters
Yes! I'm loved!

Everyone Else

RT of the Day Club
Taco Bueno has me listed. Embarrassing.

Double RT of the Day Club
Taco Bueno has me listed twice. Super embarrassing.

The Best Twitters

Ole Miss
Again, standard.

Legais Interessantes
Assuming that means interesting? Hell yes.

and then the other day I noticed I was listed on a new list...

Freakin Funny
Excuse my language, but...fuck yes.

Do you know who else is listed on this "Freakin Funny" list?

Stephen Colbert, Dane Cook, Aziz Ansari, Conan OBrien, shitmydadsays, Joel McHale, Chelsea Handler, and 59 other funny individuals.

Let me give you some back information. Let me tell you a few of my lifetime goals.

I want...

to have a simple, classy wedding.

to have a loving marriage.

to have a son I can name after my father.

to be successful in my job.

to write a book.

to say or write something that Chelsea Handler thinks is funny.

Yeah. It's a lifetime goal of mine. And being grouped on this list along with her is a step in the right direction.

A very small, tiny, baby step.

But a step nonetheless.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is too cool! I <3 Chelsea Handler. I will have to find you on the Twitter!

  2. AWEsome!!! And I maintain that you belong on the Freaking Funny list!

  3. That is AWESOME! If I went on twitter I would follow you just so I can see these funny tweets