Monday, August 2, 2010

Finally the more Ali!

I'm gonna have to say, this finale was rather boring. "Ali's shocking decision", "Why Ali broke the rules"...all these headlines made it sound as though this episode was not one to be missed. I coulda missed it...but then I wouldn't have gotten to lust after see Chris, so of course I didn't.

I predicted 1 of 2 endings:

1. They both propose...she says no to both of them but tells one of them that she wants to be with them but just doesn't want to be engaged yet.

2. She only lets one propose and sends the other home early.

Ding. Ding. Ding. I was right with one of those.

Since this is the finale, I'm gonna do this post a little differently. Instead of analyzing everything that happened, I'm just going to share with you my notes (word for word). Here they are:

"Normally at family gatherings I'm the one dancing & everyone else is just laughing at me!" Uh yeah cause you're always wasted.

Ali's laugh KILLS me.

If Chris walked up to me in a bar & said "Hi I'm Chris, I love you" I wouldn't think that was weird at all.

Ali is not your soulmate mister. I am.

Chris is wicked sexy.

Chris, you're killin' me!

Ali's dad was tougher on Chris.


"I know I have a date with Chris tomorrow but I don't want to leave Roberto." Then DON'T. And give Chris to me.

Take the next step w/ ME Chris!

"I don't want to be the cause of anymore hurt" Just come to me, I'll make you all better.

He is perfect.


When I was little my favorite thing to draw was rainbows. Fate.

Keep looking? You don't have to look far...I'M RIGHT HERE.

I really like that Ali gave Roberto the first impression rose and they ended up together. Kind of like, Chris got my "first impression rose"...

Why does she have to ask him if he accepts the final rose...he proposed and she said yes. Isn't that enough?

After the Final Rose
Is that stone blue? Tacky. Typical.

I ♥ his jeans. Suits are pretentious. He could quite possibly be the sexiest guy EVER. I like that he like says like a lot.

"We don't want to rush into anything" but you got engaged after 2 months of dating him and numerous other guys and are moving in together...umm?

So, those were my notes. As you can see, Ali picked Roberto. Did anyone think she was gonna pick Chris? No, you didn't...because you know that Chris is perfect for me, not Ali. I also just kind of realized that I am slightly insane and if anyone who actually knows Chris ever found my blog, I would probably be granted a restraining order or at least put on some sort of watch list. Or, maybe they'd think I was funny and would set me up with him? Praying for the latter. Okay, back to the recap or whatever it is I'm doing here. Ali and Roberto seem happy. Chris seemed sad, but very sweet and respectful and perfect.

On a side note, I had my application completely ready and was planning to make my videotape and send it all in just in case Chris is the next Bachelor until I watched that special that came on ABC after last week's episode. If I were chosen to be on the show (and I don't think I'd be completely ruled out...I'm not gorgeous, but at least I'm not cross-eyed, but I think I'm down to earth and witty and fun and interesting and obviously really humble) I just don't think I could handle all the drama. I like an extent. Plain and simple gets boring...but I would just rather meet Chris someone the old fashioned way. In a bar.

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  1. Tears, again. Love your blog. Ok, need to know how you got Chris L to read your blog and tweet about it! Story, please.