Friday, August 27, 2010

Follower Friday

Why do I want people to read what I write? It's not profound. It's not clever. It's not funny. Okay, is funny...sometimes.

Why? Because it's an ego boost. And who doesn't want that?

My friend Rachel decided that once she got 100 followers, she was gonna have a giveaway! She's only 7 away! Check her out at {simple.little.joys}! While you're at it, follow her...and maybe you can win her giveaway.

So. Here goes. I'm gonna do it too. And I'm gonna aim just as high. When I get 100 followers...I'm gonna have a giveaway!

By the time I get to 100, I'll probably have written a maybe it will be a free signed copy (or a mention in the credits). Maybe it'll be some sort of gift card. Maybe it will be Chris Lambton's phone number. (Just kidding Chris.) But maybe I can get him to autograph an E. Lambton shirt or something?

But I will have a giveaway...and I will let the followers decide what the prize is. We have a long way to go, so you have plenty of time to choose! Please, no kidneys.

To sum it blog gets a lot of hits these days. So unless it's my 31 followers reading it repeatedly, I should have a lot of followers right? Right.

If you like what you read, follow along and keep reading! Maybe you can win my giveaway!

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  1.! Miss you mucho, so sad I'm not getting to go to the concert tonight with you and Morg! I can't wait to hear all about it :) LOVE YOU!