Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hanson Hangover

Yeah, you read that right.

This is my 3rd time to see them in 3 years. October 2008 in Nashville, September 2009 in Birmingham, and August 2010 in Memphis. It got closer in time and distance each that means July 2011 in Oxford? Make it happen boys.

Ok, so yeah. Rachel and I have been to 3 Hanson concerts in 3 years and we're hoping it will be the tradition for a while, even though we both have "big girl" jobs now. She expressed her excitement yesterday on {simple.little.joys}.

Some of you might be wondering, Hanson? The Mmmboppers? Yes. The Mmmboppers.

These guys?

No, not quite.

Oh, these guys?

A little closer, but no.

These guys.

They just released their 5th major album (not counting live albums and re-released songs). And it is simply amazing. Middle of Nowhere still reigns supreme in my mind, but seriously. Check them out. If you're a guy and secretly loved hated "Mmmbop" and thought they were cute looked like girls...get over that and listen to their new stuff. Here is their first single off the new album. Listen and love my friends.

Okay, enough promoting. Now let me get to the interesting stuff. The crazy fans. Hanson has some craaazy fans. And tall fans. Really, really tall fans.

In Nashville, Rachel and I were behind a giant ginger. She looked kind of like this:

Then, in Birmingham...we encountered scrunchie girl. She was wearing: a scrunchie obviously, a Hanson tshirt, jorts, and sparkly purple TOMS. She was also wearing a few extra pounds, a lot of tattoos, and a go go gadget arm for fist pumping. She went crazy. She screamed at the top of her lungs; she fist pumped to every song. Rachel and I might have had slightly more fun watching her than actually watching Hanson. Nah, that's not true...but still, she was a sight.

So, round 3, in Memphis. First stop: TCBY before the concert. Duh. Morgan (my sister) got to accompany us this time for her FIRST Hanson concert. Now, when we were younger, we were obsessed. Oh, we still are. But we really were then. Morgan and I shared a room...covered in Hanson posters. But the Hanson posters aren't the point here. We shared a I read her diary. She used to (sorry sis, it makes for such a better story) write stories about how she and Taylor would meet. It was always while ordering ice cream. Sometimes he spilled his strawberry ice cream on her...sometimes she spilled on him...other times they ordered "strawberry" at the same time, locked eyes, and fell in love instantly. But it was always strawberry ice cream. So of course we had to go get ice cream in the hopes that Taylor would be there so her story could finally come true. We, of course, also hoped that he didn't bring his wife and four children along, as that would probably hinder the falling in love portion of said story.

Venue. We get there, we park. It is raining. Who cares. We run for the door. We stood in line behind these 3 girls women wearing homemade shirts that say
You stole my ♥ in 98'
so of course, I had to post this twitpic.

First thing first, tshirts. No, second thing...because first I got a beer. Then, I bought the tshirt that I should have won in the twitter RT contest. Post about that here.

First band, Color Fire. I don't usually buy CDs at concerts, but I bought theirs so we could listen to it on the way home...and so I could get it signed. Even though every signed CD I've ever gotten, I've lost. Lucky me. But seriously, check them their CD...or maybe you'll find my signed copy after I lose it. Lucky you.
Oh, and did I mention they're cute? And probably younger than me.

Then, Rooney. A few of the girls around us were asking if we knew any of their songs and I informed them that I listened to Rooney a bit in high school...five years ago. So. Old. They opened with one of my favorites.

During these first two bands, a lot of things happened:

Two girls with too much makeup, fake eye lashes, and bad attitudes stood fell right in front of us. I google image searched "skank" to try to find some similar looking gals. FYI, the first result is one of Miley's camera phone pictures. [Side note: since practically all phones come with cameras now, was it really necessary for me to say "camera phone"?]

I drank a beer.

The tallest girl in the place stood in front of the shortest (my sister). Morgan is 4'11"...This girl was 6' at least. I wanted to punch her and run, but decided it was too crowded to be able to get away. So instead, we made friends with her. She was quite a character...extremely funny. I'm jealous of her genes. It's probably not the easiest thing to be that tall when shopping for jeans...but when you're at a concert? Cha Ching! You can see from anywhere! Which is why I still don't understand why she stood in front of the two shortest girls. But whatever.

I drank another beer.

I saw a guy trapped in the closet. He was wearing a shirt that said "Fanson". My gaydar gun started beeping when he walked in the door. And yet, he was holding hands with a a matching Fanson shirt. I wanted to go tell him that it was okay to come out [side note: prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional] but then I thought, I have a gay friend and we hold hands. But then they kissed...and then I remembered, I have kissed my GBF before, too. So who knows.

And another.

Speaking of the GBF, we saw the cuuuutest guy and wanted to slip him the GBF's number, but instead we just got him to take a picture of us.

More beer.

Tall girl's tall friends came to stand with her. One of them was really rude and stood right in front of me. She hit me with her purse roughly 18,000 times. I also got whipped by her hair a couple times too. I very politely grabbed her purse and asked her to stop hitting me, and she did...for two seconds.

You guessed it.

At one point, Rachel put a death grip on my arm and screamed "OH MY GOSH!". I had no idea what to expect, but I definitely was not expecting what I saw... it was....

Beer count steadily on the rise.

We also saw 2 girls that we stood with at the Birmingham concert. They recognized us and came over to show off their pictures with Taylor. Taylor Schmaylor. I'm a Zac girl.

After all the shenanigans going on in the crowd, we decided the smart thing was to go stand behind the crowd where we could actually see the show and weren't being beat up by purses and hair and fake eyelashes.

Rachel and I got tired of standing waiting for Hanson to start, so we sat down on the floor very awkwardly.

Also, Morgan claimed she was cold, but I think she just wanted to show off her Hanson love.

Then, Hanson! I, yet again, was blown away.

They played new songs and old songs. It was heavenly. I've still yet to hear my all-time favorite Hanson song (Speechless). BUT they played a lot of goodies and I screamed the words to Except for Penny and Me. It's one of my favorites, but what the hell is he saying? This is what I sing:

Cigars in the summertime under the sky blah blah blah I can feel you read my mind I can see it in your eyes blah blah moon as it plays blah blah blah blahblahblahblah it's always PENNY AND ME TONIIIIGHT.

Long story short, Hanson was amazing and I was drunk. I'm not sure why I drank so much, but something just felt right about drinking beer while watching this hottie play the drums:

No, wait! I meant...this hottie:

I promise I'm not a pedophile! He's 24!!

Today, I have a Hanson Hangover. So it's settled. I'm never drinking again... At a concert... At a Hanson concert, that is.... At a Hanson concert on a Wednesday.

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  1. I love this post SO MUCH. Words just don't do it justice. Another successful Hanson concert with my faves :) LOOOVE YOU!