Monday, August 16, 2010

Here's to 1,000 More!

So, did you read my [awkward pause] post? Because supposedly 1,000+ people did.

My good friend, Rachel, tweeted this on Saturday:

@ChrisLambton13 @wfayew is gonna kill me but you should read this. So funny!

Why, thank you Rachel. I am funny aren't I? And humble. Really humble.

I was kind of embarrassed but then I also kind of wanted Chris to read it, because I thought he'd get a kick out of it. I is funny, after all. So I RT'd it.

And what happened? Yeah, you guessed it. Chris read it. Along with 1,000 other people. Or one person read it from 1,000 different computers. My hit counter went up by nearly 1,400 in just a day and a half. For a blog that only has 24 listed followers...that's just insane.

After reading it, Chris replied (to me, but I think it was supposed to go to Rach who initially sent him the link).

@wfayew hahahaha. Love that. Thanks for posting that to me. I gotta call her and see what she says!!

I corrected him with:

@ChrisLambton13 I am actually the author of said post. But you can still call! Haha!

A wise, wise woman (that I don't know) tweeted these wise, wise words:

@ChrisLambton13 @wfayew mississippi girls are the best! U should definitely call her ;)

So, so true @gbckaminski!

[Although I'm originally from Michigan and most of my family is from Dallas, I claim Mississippi, mainly for that reason. And for my beloved Ole Alma Mater and current employer.]

When I found out I had gotten over 600 views, I tweeted:

My [awkward pause] blog post about @ChrisLambton13 has gotten over 600 views? #pressure

And I was feeling the pressure. I always wanted to be published somewhere other than in my elementary school (yep...a little book I wrote in first grade was featured at the PTA meeting and copied for all the classrooms) but then when I realized that a LOT of people were reading my writing, I got so nervous!

But, thankfully, I got so many kind and encouraging comments and tweets!

You are a fantastic writer !!!! I don't like to read but if you ever wrote a book I believe I would have to buy it and READ.....SO PROUD OF YOU GIRL :) GLENDA

That is so great. What fun. He will laugh.
Great blog..all women can totally relate to you talking to wicked hot guy on the phone! -Anonymous

This is so cute and I love it. Chris tweeted he loved it too. lol Do you wear your teeshirt everyday. You are so talented, great job!
Patti :)

Hahaha. You're well on your way to becoming a viral sensation. Hope he reads your post. -@cnreves

I saw your blog entry about talking to Chris. So classic! haha I would have acted the same way. -@Allie721

every girl can so relate to your story, keep writing, you are a breath of fresh air :) -@boomerangkarma

hahahaha. It was really good!!! -@ChrisLambton13

Thanks to all the readers and commenters! The sweet comments really meant so much to me. And I expect all 1,000+ of you to buy my book if I ever write one. And if you have any ideas of what I should write a book about...I'll take that, too!

And if any of you are wondering...still no call. Here's to hoping I'll have a chance to redeem myself after my epic awkwardness.

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