Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Not Crazy

I am crazy. No. No. I'm not. I'm not crazy. But I must seem like it.

I skimmed through a few of the tweets that random people were sending to Chris Lambton and thought to myself,

"Really? These people are really telling him that they love him and he's perfect and he's their soul mate and he should meet them for a drink? Really? You're crazy! You don't even know the guy."

Then I decided I'd go back and check out all the times I wrote about him on my blog. Wow. I wrote that I loved him. I wrote that he was perfect. I wrote that he was my soul mate. I wrote that we should meet...and of course it would be for a drink. I'm crazy, I don't even know the guy.

But I didn't really mean it. I mean, I would love to meet him for a drink, who wouldn't? But the rest...I was just kidding. If you know me for real, you know I'm not crazy. Chris Williams, do not comment on that or I will fire you. (bold means business)

I'm not really in love with the guy. But...the way he was portrayed on the show, he has many of the traits that I'm holding out for. But it is a show...with producers...and editing. So who really knows?

So many girls, after reading/seeing Twilight have decided to compare every guy they date to Edward Cullen.

While I have to admit that I loved the books and was always 'Team Edward', I'm not big on I will probably compare every guy I date to Chris Lambton (as seen on TV).

Because, really, if every guy I noticed was my soul mate...I'd have a lot of soul mates right now.

There's Chris Lambton, obviously. Kurt Cobain was my first crush/soul mate. John Mayer was on the list for a little while (post Rolling Stone interview, of course). The cute boy from across the room who turned into my boyfriend of a year and a half who turned into my ex boyfriend. That guy with the weird tattoo. Devon Sawa in the 90s. The lead singer of Band of Horses' voice (just his voice). My good friend that I always wished was more than a friend. Zac Hanson 13 years ago. Zac Hanson today. The boy in the black skinny jeans I saw at the gas station earlier.

So, my point. I don't really think Chris Lambton is my soul mate. (Unless he wants to be...) But he did help me form my list of criteria to consider when dating.

Solely looking at my [awkward pause] post (the "famous" one)...I'll explain it like this: I try to be funny. I look for the humor in everything. I also try to be truthful. The truth is often awkward and awkward is always funny.

And I'm not crazy.

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  1. No, not crazy! I don't think its too much to think you deserve/belong with someone who is family oriented.. caring, sensitive and attractive.

    It's just refreshing to see guys like Chris L amongst the sea of douche bags.. Just makes you believe that genuine guys are out there.. and we just need to keep looking for them!