Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's all Mental.

I work an eight to five job. It's more like an eight until...we're done for the day. But my point starts at eight.

8 am.

Work at 8:00 means I have to set my alarm for 6:00...

So I can snooze until my second alarm goes off at 6:15...

And then snooze again until my third alarm, that I have to get up and walk across the room to disable, goes off at 6:30...

Just so I can get out of bed and be in the shower by 7:00...

And then watch random television programs (usually Saved by the Bell or recorded Tosh.0 episodes) while I get ready...

So that I can leave by 7:45 in order to be at work by...

8 am.

So why can't I just set my alarm for 7:00, get up, get in the shower, and get ready?

It's a mental thing. It's all mental.

I can wake up and be fully awake and capable of getting out of bed, but I just won't. I'll tell myself, "just get up" in the same breath that I'm pleading, "5 more minutes!"

I try to convince myself that I really can sleep another 3 minutes. Which always turns into at least 10.

Usually I'll start to get up at something like 6:43 but then I'll just convince myself to stay in bed until 6:45. After the convincing and a little more shuteye, I'll look to find it is now 6:47. This prompts me to convince myself to stay until 6:50.

Maybe that's part of my self-diagnosed OCD and is similar to how my radio volume in my car must be set at intervals of 5 only?

So. This brings me to...


I alarm clock that punches me until I get out of bed.

Any volunteers?


  1. Amen! I do the same thing. I find it's even harder to get out of bed when I go to bed earlier- it's just so comfy in my bed. Yeesh.

  2. LOL that would be a great alarm clock. I have to set my alarm clock 1 hour before I get up and then I press snooze every 5 minutes. Im sure my bf is going to punch me one of these days.

    I agree though, its a mental thing

  3. I do the exact same thing...In my case it's two alarms and then my cats batting me in the face (I also watch Saved by the Bell or Boy Meets World in the morning...hehe)

    You should look into that alarm that drops and rolls to a new place after each alarm goes off so that you have to get up and find it just to turn it off...I have never actually seen it in action so I don't know how well it works, but I think you can google it.

    It might be a better choice than one that punches you in the

    -CapeS_coddEr (twitter)