Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Do You Carry?

I'm actually really excited about this post and want a lot of people (guys and gals) to participate, so get ready!

I never used to carry a purse, and when I got one...I opted for a rather large one. I found myself filling it with useless items, just so it would be full. Lately, I've noticed that I actually do use most of these filler items on a regular basis. How did I ever live without a purse?

So, I ask you to stop what you're doing! No, wait...don't stop reading my blog, but stop everything else! Grab your purse, bag, backpack, satchel, wallet, man purse...whatever you carry your belongings in. Got it? Okay, dump it out. All of it. Arrange it however you see fit. Snap a picture of it. Snap a picture of yourself. And send them my way - fayesbookblog@gmail.com - by next Monday, so you can be included in Take Along Tuesday!

Idea for this blog comes from photographer Jason Travis.


  1. Is this what you do at your job?

  2. i cant believe there's not a condom in all that mess

  3. i doubt this girl makes a guy use one

  4. OH MY, I don't have a ladder to stand on to get all that in the frame. I'll see if the local crane company with let me use one.