Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look Your Best

Today's the day! Look Your Best is now available!! You should have pre-ordered it a few weeks ago when I told you to...but just in case you didn't - go buy it now! Seriously

I will be listening to it all day and attending the album release party tonight.

It's not an obsession. Just an appreciation for good music and good guys.

Now go check them out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And the Winner Is...

The moment you've all been waiting for!
The Chris Lambton giveaway has reached its end.

Thank you all for entering. I had a blast reading your comments! (So did Chris!)

Also, I never thought public urination would be so flattering. Thanks to all of you who said my blog posts made you pee your pants! Sweeeeet.

So, I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite entries!

I will guard and protect this shirt.
Only if you're making fun of Kasey and not encouraging him.

Yup..told Mike Fleiss HELL NO!
Because, frankly, don't we all want to?

That's a wicked awesome t-shirt! Can I talk you out of it?
Who wouldn't want to hear that from Chris?

I know I'm no Craig R but here's a t-shirt anyway.
My dear friend Lindsay. Now maybe Craig will tweet you back.

This shirt was signed with unicorn love in mind.
So funny. This comment was from my sister, Morgan. See, sisser...you ARE funny!

Those were my 5 favorites, in no particular order. I asked Chris for his five favorites, too. He is either a rule breaker...or he can't count...cause he gave me 7! Again in no particular order, here are his favorites:

Yup..told Mike Fleiss HELL NO!

That's a wicked awesome t-shirt! Can I talk you out of it?

from one beach bum to another..

I love me some Kentucky girls!!

I know I'm no Craig R but here's a t-shirt anyway.

There's nothing hotter than a woman rockin Lambton wear. You're in trouble now!

May I date your daughter?

And now...who gets the t-shirt?

The lucky winner is...

Jada Q. Chicago, IL

"Jada, That's a wicked awesome t-shirt! Can I talk you out of it!"

Sweet! One of our favorites! And CONGRATULATIONS!!

But also, since we both loved another...we're giving away two!

Lori M. Salina, Ks

"Lori, Yup.. told Mike Fleiss HELL NO!"

Jada and Lori, please email me at fayesbookblog@gmail.com with your mailing address (and your size/color choice if you haven't done so.)

And, if you didn't win...go to the E. Lambton website and order one! You'll be donating to a great organization, you'll get to rock Lambton gear...and Chris packs all of the t-shirts himself!

Big thanks to Chris for making this all possible and an even bigger thanks to all of you for making it so fun!

Stick around and keep reading...maybe I'll have some more fun giveaways!

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Like Sports

I know I'm not a relationship expert...but maybe I'm an unsucessful relationship expert? I've had a couple longterm relationships in my life. Most would consider a longterm relationship successful, right? But if we're not together now...it clearly wasn't successful.

Whatever. Let me get to the point, here.

Classic mistake a lot of girls (myself included) make while getting to know a new guy.

"I like sports."

So what if you like sports? That doesn't mean you have to tell the guy, especially if you're just trying to impress him.

I like sports. I do. I watch all my football teams. I watch other football games, if they're interesting. I love to go to baseball games. I don't miss a tennis match. I like sports. But I don't love sports.

Mean Girls is on? It trumps a random basketball game.

A Family Guy episode I've seen 18 thousand times always gets picked over any hockey game.

Anything beats the same Sportscenter highlights that have already been on three times.

You tell a guy "I like sports" and he hears "I love sports and I want to watch them every single day of my lifeee."

"No, that's not what I meant!

Too late. He's already heard it. It's there, in his brain, and it isn't leaving.

So have fun. Have fun watching every basketball game, every baseball game, every football game, every hockey game. Have fun watching the Spelling Bee. It is on ESPN.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Knock On Wood.

How have I never broken a bone? I'm such a drunk clutz and I fall down so much. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen this twitpic:

Well, that happened Saturday. And it's still swollen. I've tried to follow my friends' advice: ice, elevate, heat.

Ice? I've tried...but I'm a wimp. That ice gets cold.

Elevate? Yeah, I can handle that. For a while. But then I get bored or uncomfortable and want to move.

Heat? Now, heat I can handle. Not hot water (the cuts are still pretty sensitive), but I am currently lying in bed with a heating pad wrapped around the ankle. And it feels amazing.

I've fallen and twisted this same ankle about 5+ times in the past year. I actually went to get x-rays and whatnot in May. The doctor pointed out a spot on one of those bones that could be a fracture or could just be slight bone degeneration. Either way, a cast wouldn't fix it. They would need to do an MRI and run some (expensive) tests to find out more.

No thanks...right?

Now I'm kind of regretting that.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Warden Wednesday

Nicknames. We all got 'em. We all give 'em.

Growing up, my nickname was BooBoo. There's even a tape recording of 2 year old me declaring,

"My nickname is BooBoo
cause I get a bunch of booboos!"

Not much has changed, right?

Have you ever given someone a nickname behind their back? Only to accidentally say it to their face?

I have.

Sophomore year of college, I had a slight crush on a guy in one of my classes. His last name? Shank.

Any Dane Cook fans out there? Have you seen Viscious Circle?

In it, there's a bit where he proclaims:

Tell me who the WARDEN is!

You're the Warden. You're my warden! You're shanking me!

My thought process: Haha. Shanking. Shank. Warden. Haha.

From there on out, Mr. Shank was referred to as Warden by me and all my friends.

After a couple drinks (one of which I spilled everywhere) one night, I asked him to be my date to our upcoming formal.

Did I need a few drinks to get the courage to ask him or did I only ask him because I had a few drinks?...you decide!

Either way, he said yes.

At dinner before formal, after a couple bottles glasses of Love My Goat Red, it slipped my mind that this nickname had never been brought to his attention. For the rest of the night, I referred to him as Warden.

Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed the next day when he asked me why I called him Warden all night.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


VMAs. Video Music Awards. What a great event, right? I love music. I love music videos. (I just wish MTV showed more of them.)

Over the years, there have been some memorable VMA performances.

2009 - Lady Gaga's blood soaked performance

2006 - OK Go's treadmill dance

2003 - the infamous Britney & Madonna kiss

2000 - Eminem and his army of clones

But my all-time favorite VMA performance?

1992 - NIRVANA

Things to take note of:

1. Kurt began playing Rape Me, awkwardly stopped, and then started Lithium, right?
Well, MTV requested Nirvana play at the VMAs. Any song of your choice!
They said sure, we'll play Rape Me. [For those of you who don't know...Rape Me is a stab at MTV.]
MTV said no. Anything but Rape Me. Anything else!
Okay, we'll play a new song.
The banter went back and forth & pretty much MTV said You can play anything as long as it's Smells Like Teen Spirit or Lithium.

So Kurt and his smartassness (word or not, it works here) opened with a few seconds of Rape Me, then went on to play Lithium. He would never give in to their demands fully.

2. Please notice Krist's badass guitar toss.
I can laugh at this because I know it was not planned and he wasn't seriously injured. Now that you know, go ahead and laugh, too.

3. Why don't people stage dive anymore?
So what if it dangerous? It looks so fun! Could you imagine if someone ran on stage at a concert now? They would get tazed and arrested. Why can't we go back to 1992 when the music was good and people were fearless?

4. Dave shouts, "Hi Axl! Hi Axl, where's Axl? Hi Axl...Hi Axl!"
Back story: Axl Rose had said something on stage somewhere about how Kurt & Courtney were not fit to be parents.

Axl, his girlfriend/wife, and all of their bodyguards walked passed Kurt (holding Frances Bean), Courtney, Krist, Dave, and some other people backstage before the VMAs. Courtney yelled out to Axl, "Axl! Will you be the godfather of our child?"

Axl responded, to Kurt, "You better shut your bitch up."


And who was 1992's best new artist?

Why, Nirvana was, of course.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Think I'll Go To Boston...

I've always wanted to go to Boston...

Every year our family vacations were to Texas to visit the extended fam.

Then in college - who wants to go to Boston for Spring Break? Nobody. Spring Break is for boozing on the beach!

So, my sister's boyfriend BRETT (he's been waiting for a blog shout out) decided he wanted to go to Boston. See the sights, check out some law schools, and just have a vacation. He invited Morgan along, of course.

I can't let these little lovebirds have a romantic getaway in the city I've wanted to go to for years, can I? Nope - that's why I'm tagging along. Cheers to all you other third wheels out there!

We will arrive one month from today! We don't have a set agenda yet. Fenway is a definite. Harvard, too. And the Cape! Why? Because Brett has never seen the ocean! How is that possible?

So, here's where you come in! You have a month to suggest places for us to go, things for us to see...places to eat, the works! We need all the help we can get.

Such tourists.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wow - I can't believe I got to 100 followers that quickly. I give Chris Lambton all most some of the credit!

So, as promised, he we will be giving away an autographed E. Lambton Landscaping t-shirt! (Yes, autographed by Chris!)

To Enter:

-You must be a follower of this blog! (Hey, why wouldn't you be?)

-In the comments, tell Chris what you would want him to sign on your t-shirt!
(Be funny, creative, simple...whatever!)

-Bonus Entries:
    for 1 entry: follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisLambton13

    for 1 entry: follow me on Twitter @wfayew

    for 1 entry: blog or tweet about this contest!

*Include your name & location (along with your twitter name and/or blog link for the bonus entries)

*You may do all of the above, but there is a max of 3 entries per person

Example Comment:

Faye W., Oxford, MS:
"Faye, will you accept this rose t-shirt?"
Bonus entries:
I follow Chris on Twitter (@wfayew)
I blogged about the giveaway! http://wfayew.blogspot.com

This giveaway will end Sunday, September 19!