Friday, September 24, 2010

I Like Sports

I know I'm not a relationship expert...but maybe I'm an unsucessful relationship expert? I've had a couple longterm relationships in my life. Most would consider a longterm relationship successful, right? But if we're not together clearly wasn't successful.

Whatever. Let me get to the point, here.

Classic mistake a lot of girls (myself included) make while getting to know a new guy.

"I like sports."

So what if you like sports? That doesn't mean you have to tell the guy, especially if you're just trying to impress him.

I like sports. I do. I watch all my football teams. I watch other football games, if they're interesting. I love to go to baseball games. I don't miss a tennis match. I like sports. But I don't love sports.

Mean Girls is on? It trumps a random basketball game.

A Family Guy episode I've seen 18 thousand times always gets picked over any hockey game.

Anything beats the same Sportscenter highlights that have already been on three times.

You tell a guy "I like sports" and he hears "I love sports and I want to watch them every single day of my lifeee."

"No, that's not what I meant!

Too late. He's already heard it. It's there, in his brain, and it isn't leaving.

So have fun. Have fun watching every basketball game, every baseball game, every football game, every hockey game. Have fun watching the Spelling Bee. It is on ESPN.


  1. I love this...hilarious. And so true. But to clarify...I do LOVE sports, and by sports, I mean SEC football and basketball. ONLY. I totally WOULD watch those But leave off all the other ones...they don't really count. Love you, little one! I get to see you in 7 days!

  2. This is great advice. I think I am one of very few women who really does love sports. Who will most likely flip on a sports game over anything. Who goes more insane over her fantasy football teams (yep I have more than one) than her bf. Who likes to get ready with Sportscenter on in the background. And who scours the news for sports related happenings.

    But that is like 1% of the female population.

    I love this blog entry though... Puts everything in perspective

  3. Hahahaha oh my gosh, this is hilarious!! And SO TRUE!

  4. I would totally agree. I love hockey, I don't mind watching baseball and football. But that doesn't mean I want to spend the entire 3 hours watching strictly that. I will flip back and forth or even check online for the scores. I will not crank up youtube and watch games from the 70s and I do not feel the need to DVR every game to re-watch it.

    Good post!

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