Monday, September 13, 2010

I Think I'll Go To Boston...

I've always wanted to go to Boston...

Every year our family vacations were to Texas to visit the extended fam.

Then in college - who wants to go to Boston for Spring Break? Nobody. Spring Break is for boozing on the beach!

So, my sister's boyfriend BRETT (he's been waiting for a blog shout out) decided he wanted to go to Boston. See the sights, check out some law schools, and just have a vacation. He invited Morgan along, of course.

I can't let these little lovebirds have a romantic getaway in the city I've wanted to go to for years, can I? Nope - that's why I'm tagging along. Cheers to all you other third wheels out there!

We will arrive one month from today! We don't have a set agenda yet. Fenway is a definite. Harvard, too. And the Cape! Why? Because Brett has never seen the ocean! How is that possible?

So, here's where you come in! You have a month to suggest places for us to go, things for us to see...places to eat, the works! We need all the help we can get.

Such tourists.


  1. There's a guy named Chris who could take care of all of that for you. about stopping in ATL and picking me up?
    Have a great trip Faye!

  2. Sounds like someone has an agenda to meet Chris Lambton. You two have been tw-irting (my word for flirting and tweeting) for weeks. Hopefully he will pick up on your not so subtle hint! Keep us posted.

  3. Maybe you could look for your ideal man. I believe you said "Tall. Athletic. A real man's man. Possibly a landscaper. Maybe from Cape Cod. You know, just a nice, good-looking, tall, hunk of a man."

  4. Okay, aside from trying to bump into Chris while you're on the Cape...some other suggestions would be:

    1.)Driving down to Provincetown (P-Town) and enjoying their unique shops and, uh, other scenery. If you go, you might like to stop into "Shop Therapy" (head upstairs; if I have my stores right)I have yet to go, but every single friend who has visited P-Town has gone to that store and loved it.

    2.)Also perhaps, if it's not too cold, a nice whale watch (which I believe you can catch from P-Town).

    3.) A stroll down Main Street in Chatham - which has some great little Cape Cod Shops and is not far from the Chatham Lighthouse.

    4.)If it's not closed for the season, you should stop in at one of the many "Sundae Schools"...a popular ice cream venue for tourists. They do have excellent ice cream but I'll let you be your own judge.

    Okay - Boston:

    You'll love Boston too but since I don't live there I'm not in the best position to give you great advice on the best places to go - BUT: if you can, you should stop into Mike's Pastry's in the North End; arguably the best Cannoli's I've ever had (again, you should be your own judge of that).

    Have a great vacation! I love it here!

    Christine (CapeS_coddEr)

  5. Gotta recommend a duck tour. So fun! You see everything and even go in the water. Dinner in the North End is a must. Walking down Newbury Street and looking at all the stores you can't afford. So much fun stuff to do in Boston!