Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Warden Wednesday

Nicknames. We all got 'em. We all give 'em.

Growing up, my nickname was BooBoo. There's even a tape recording of 2 year old me declaring,

"My nickname is BooBoo
cause I get a bunch of booboos!"

Not much has changed, right?

Have you ever given someone a nickname behind their back? Only to accidentally say it to their face?

I have.

Sophomore year of college, I had a slight crush on a guy in one of my classes. His last name? Shank.

Any Dane Cook fans out there? Have you seen Viscious Circle?

In it, there's a bit where he proclaims:

Tell me who the WARDEN is!

You're the Warden. You're my warden! You're shanking me!

My thought process: Haha. Shanking. Shank. Warden. Haha.

From there on out, Mr. Shank was referred to as Warden by me and all my friends.

After a couple drinks (one of which I spilled everywhere) one night, I asked him to be my date to our upcoming formal.

Did I need a few drinks to get the courage to ask him or did I only ask him because I had a few drinks? decide!

Either way, he said yes.

At dinner before formal, after a couple bottles glasses of Love My Goat Red, it slipped my mind that this nickname had never been brought to his attention. For the rest of the night, I referred to him as Warden.

Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed the next day when he asked me why I called him Warden all night.


  1. 1) I love that picture, mainly because I took it, AND because it was the beginning of my birthday weekend.
    2) I love that formal, because we all got way too drunk and made bad mistakes. You ended up with Warden, I ended up in the Pike house...who knows. Good times.

  2. Christine E (CapeS_coddEr)September 15, 2010 at 1:13 PM

    One of my nicknames is BooBoo as well for a different reason...tho yours makes more sense.

    As a baby I was called "Christine-A-Bean-A-Boo" to which my older sister shortened to "Bean" (She still calls me that today...I'm 27 now...and she is about to have a baby whom she tells me will call me "Auntie Bean"...I still love it though)

    My mother took the other route and shortened my name to BooBoo (which she also still calls me today).

    Thought I would share that story with you since you so graciously share your stories with all of us everyday!

    Love the Blog!


  3. That first picture is classic.

    I accidentally called one of my friends (Toria) Whoria to her face. The funny thing was it wasjust a joke because she was far from a whore... She was actually a virgin and never really kissed guys. But she was mad nonetheless.

  4. WARDEN here to comment on your blog. Thanks for the shout out. More loved than Chris Lambton or not?.... you decide!