Monday, October 18, 2010

Boston Vacation - Day 1

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We stayed with some friends (The Carters) in Memphis the night prior to our flight so we didn't have to wake up extremely early for the drive to the airport. Martha & Dudley are the cutest couple with the cutest house and the cutest dog! (If you want to see for yourself, check out Martha's blog hootenanny.)

I was a little surprised that I had gotten everything into one suitcase. And speaking of cases...Morgan was a basketcase. She was running around stressing out; she was certain we had forgotten something vital. I told her we didn't pull a Home Alone...we don't have children. We couldn't have forgotten anything we can't replace. I had my a-ha moment when I realized I had forgotten to pack socks. Not only was I fairly certain Boston stores sell socks, but Morgan packed extras. Perfect. No big deal!

Our cab was scheduled to pick us up at 7:15. He got there at 7. Luckily, I was ready. I had wanted to sleep until 7 but Morgan dragged me out of bed at 6:30. We put our luggage in the cab, thanked Dudley and Martha and were on our way to the airport.

When the meter hit about $15, Morgan's phone rang. She turned to me:

"Where's your phone?"
"In my purse."
"Are you sure? Because it's calling me."

Well, great. You'd think with how attached I am to my phone I would have noticed I didn't have it. (Not the first time this has happened, either.) That's one thing Boston shops don't phone. We had to go back. Of course the cab driver didn't mind. When we asked him to turned around, I swear I saw him mouth the words "Cha-Ching!

*Side Note: Props to the Memphis airport folks. You really don't expect Memphis people to be so friendly, but they are. Like those cops that rescued my stolen phone from the thug on Beale. But that's a whole 'nother story.

Morgan and I didn't get seated next to each other on our flight. This worried me because it was her first time flying in a while...and I was seated right behind the wing. Which means this is all I thought about the entire flight:

The view of the water when landing was absolutely breathtaking. I thought, "It's official...I'm moving here." This feeling grew even more every day of the trip...even with that Nor'easter kicking my ass.

Our plane landed about 3 hours before check-in time, so Morgan and I went to Au Bon Pain in the airport for some lunch. I tried the Harvest Pumpkin was very interesting. We then called the hotel and told them to go ahead and pick us up. We were told to look for green signs. Yeah, green signs anywhere, but we found the shuttle nonetheless.

Our shuttle driver, John, was absolutely amazing (even though the first thing he said to us was "I was just about to leave yous guys"). Props to you, John. Not only did he have the best Boston accent, but when he asked us where we were from and we told him Mississippi, he responded with "Ya don't sound like ya from the South." Morgan let him know it's because we're college educated Mississippians. I just think it's because our mom is from Dallas. Either way, I was happy to know that I don't sound like a total redneck.

John decided to take us on the scenic route to the hotel instead of through the tunnels, so we got to see lots of sights! I was really excited to see the Good Will Hunting bar. If ya didn't know, I have a little crush on Ben Affleck (only when he speaks with the Boston accent).

We got to our hotel (in Southie, as Chris later informed me) and checked in early. We put our bags up and headed right back out. We took the T to Park Street and walked around for a bit. Beautiful city. I fell in love with the city, seriously. I wanted to see Faneuil Hall and Morgan assured me that her iPhone knew where to go, so we started the entirely wrong direction. But it was oh, so worth it. We walked for a really long time, but the weather was nice and the sights were beautiful.

We eventually stumbled upon Newbury Street. Hello shopping! And no sales tax on transactions under $175? Hello shopping heaven!! We shopped for a while and then actually found Faneuil Hall so we could eat dinner at Durgin Park. I was happy for that suggestion! Great food!

After dinner, we wandered a bit to see more of the area and then went back to Southie to change and charge our phones before going out for drinks!

While our phones were charging, we both fell asleep. Well, I fell asleep...Morgan passed out. There was no waking her up.We probably needed a night of rest anyway, but it would have been fun to go out before Brett arrived. We had a girls day...we needed a girls night!


  1. Just saying "Hi" from Mingle Monday! I'm was so excited to read this post because I'm from Boston, and it is so great when people experiencing the city for the first time love it! If you need any other recommendations, just let me know :)

  2. I have become mildly obsessed - well, very excited- to read your blog! (Which by the way, I have never really been in to!) But, you are hilarious and I cant wait to read about dinner with Chris L...Hurry! Post!

  3. girl,
    just bc i know you and chris l are besties.

  4. You're officially a world-traveler and I'm so jealous. I wish you'd just hurry up and post all of the trip so I can read it now...I'm too impatient for this whole 5 day thing you have going on! You know me. Can't wait to keep reading about your adventures...and I'm more excited to tag along on your next vacation :) love you mucho little one!

  5. Faye, this wasn't boring at all to read, and that one tiny mention of Chris is just enough to tease us until your next post! Your sense of humour put into everyday situations gets me laughing, and Morgan pre-departure sounds like me before a trip, haha. Great start to your Boston trip blogging - looking forward to reading more!