Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boston Vacation - Day 2

Thursday, October 14, 2010

We got a late start because Morgan and Brett are lazy and take forever to get ready. (Not me, of course.) We took the T to Park Street again (this time to actually walk in the correct direction to Faneuil).

We had lunch at Cheers and then shopped around the Market. I loved Faneuil! It's so pretty! After shopping around a bit, we took the T to Harvard. I saw one pretty building on campus. One. Harvard Schmarvard. It really made me appreciate the beautiful campus at Ole Miss. Why doesn't Harvard look like this?

Because it's not Ole Miss...that's why.

I did take a really pretty picture before we went to Harvard, though. Probably my favorite picture of the entire trip. (Yeah, my picture with Chris made the top 5...but this one is my favorite.)

Beautiful, right?

Anyway-back to Harvard. While wandering around campus pretending we knew where we were going, Morgan and I were stopped by 3 girls...from Abercrombie. They gave us a survey about fall fashion.

What are your 3 favorite clothing items or accessories for fall?
M: Cardigans
F: Boots
M: Skinny jeans.
F: Yeah skinny jeans. And scarves.
M: Yeah scarves.

Okay, do you ever wear Abercrombie and Fitch clothing?
M/F: No.

Have you ever worn Abercrombie clothes?
M: In High School..
F: Middle School.

Why don't you anymore? What do you feel throws you off about Abercrombie?
M/F: Umm..

You just feel you outgrew it?
M/F: Yes.

So do you prefer logo or non-logo clothing?

Where do you usually shop?
M: Local boutiques.
F: Yeah and like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.
M: And Forever 21...online.

I felt bad being like, "I don't like your clothes they suck" but hey...it's market research. That's what they wanna know, right? They snapped our picture after the survey, so either they thought we were cute and stylish...or they weren't really from Abercrombie, but from a "What Not To Wear" show/magazine. Guess we'll see.

Have I mentioned that Beauty and the Beast is not only my favorite Disney movie, but quite possibly one of my favorite movies ever...so I really loved this book store:

I bought a book that I thought was going to be funny...and a guy in the bookstore stopped me while I was looking at it and said, "My friend from High School wrote that book!" I hope someone can say that about me one day! That would be cool. The book turned out to be really dumb and I wish I could un-buy it. Let's just hope people don't say that about my future books.

Morgan is a big fan of cheesy pictures, so we had to take these. Possibles for Christmas cards? Maybe.

After more wandering around Harvard, we went back to the hotel to get heavier coats and freshen up for dinner. We had dinner at the Legal Sea Foods near Harvard Square. The food was amazing, but even better...our waiter. He was perfect! He was stationed in Mississippi for a while, so we had a common bond there. He told us all about the Fourth of July in Boston. His enthusiasm convinced us to go ahead and start planning to come back for that. (Plus, he was very attractive. Could have been Chris's long lost cousin.) After dinner, he told us we should go to Tommy Doyle's to see his friend's band. We did and he met us there. It was so fun! And they were such a good band.

Waiter (I will refer to him as this since we never actually got his name) told us some fun stories about Harvard Square. He told us there are some definite characters around.

Like one time, he served a leprechaun. And not just a short guy in a suit...an actual leprechaun. A leprechaun who disappeared after eating his food. Rude leprechaun.

Then, he said with the diversity of students at Harvard it's always hard to tell if a guy (most likely in skinny jeans) is gay...or if he's from Europe. "Gay or European. It's a game my friends and I like to play." Fun game. (We might have played it for a while.)

He told us about the Tavern on the water and even gave us these nice little notes on how to get there and why to go:

We didn't end up going, but it sounds fun! Maybe next time.

After a few drinks with Waiter, we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.


  1. I love Beauty & the Beast!! I'm starting to fall in love with Boston now as well. Excited to read about day three of your trip!

  2. Hi back from MM! Thanks for visiting my blog, down time. Nice place you've got here! I just checked out your post "5 Songs for the Rest of My Life" and I'm wondering if you are from my part of the country since your tastes seriously focus on our music. Seriously! I live in Olympia, WA and if you are the Nirvana fan you say you are, that should probably mean something to you. Anyways, it's great connecting with you. Cheers!

  3. Oi, I wanted to take notes during this post! Prepare for long comment.
    -thanks for checking out my blog last week! I'm awful for waiting so long to get to yours...I'm even calling it for 'mingle monday,' because I had no idea it was Faysebook that looked mine over!
    -I yearn for Boston.
    -I've been mildly obsessed with Ole Miss for years...even though I didn't go there. Explanation? Who knws?
    -'Gay or European'...please tell me you've seen Legally Blonde: The Musical.

    Lots of (longwinded) love,
    Desperately Seeking Starbucks