Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boston Vacation - Day 3

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our first destination of the day was Newbury Street! More shopping! I had seen advertisements all over the place for:

Grand Opening
Newbury Street
October 15, 2010

I've been wanting new hi-tops for a while now, so I was excited to take advantage of grand opening promotions + no sales tax! We stopped for lunch first, and then made our way allllllll the way down Newbury Street to the Converse store. There was a poorly made sign on the door that read: "We will be opening later today." Umm's 1:45pm. What do you mean by later? At 2:15, I got tired of waiting and gave up. Rude Converse!

We took Brett to Banana Republic so we could try to get him out of his normal clothing comfort zone. We had the best sales associate helping us. His name was Patrick and he was oh so cute. (But in the Gay or European game...he wasn't European.) We tried to get Brett in sweaters and sweater vests to no avail. While he was trying on his usual khakis and polo shirts, Morgan and I chatted it up with Patrick. He told us about a few bars and asked what our plans were for the night. I told him we were meeting a friend for dinner.

A male friend??
A significant friend?
A friend.
From around here?
From the Cape.
Maybe I know him. What's his name?
Chris what?
Chris Lambton.
That sounds really familiar..
Because he was on TV.
Can you pull up a picture of him?
So, just friends?
Just friends.
I wouldn't be just friends with that guy.

After shopping for a while, we went over to Boston Public Garden. Such a beautiful place.

While at Boston Public Garden, we saw a woman with a beautiful Golden Retriever. We walked by her and Morgan said, "That's such a gorgeous dog." The woman looked at us in shock that we had just spoken to her. (We eventually came to the conclusion that most Boston people aren't unfriendly, they're just unapproachable.)

After the Garden, we took the T to Boston College. It took...forever. Longest T ride of the trip. We walked around campus for a bit, and then took the trip back to the hotel. I had to have at least 2 hours to get ready for dinner since I'm so "high maintenance", of course!

Morgan, Brett, and I got to Hillstone in Faneuil Hall around 8:15. Chris and Steven were already there, waiting on our table. We had all of our introductions and then conversation was interrupted by

"I know this is weird, but you're Chris L. right? Mind if I take a picture with you?"

"I know this is weird, but can I get a picture with you?"

"I know this is weird, but we have to get pictures with you!"

Ladies (and gentlemen). Now, I would totally do the same thing. If you see him, you have to ask for a picture. But come up with a better opening line than "I know this is weird..

I didn't want to photo bomb any pictures, so I moved on over to the bar and ordered myself a dirty martini. Morgan and I had a nice conversation with an older man named Fred, who was fond of our decision to ask for Grey Goose in our martinis. He had no idea who Chris was, but had seen his photo shoot occurring behind us

So I saw you talking to the movie star. You meet him here?
He invited us here.
Ooh look at you. High five!

Steven, Chris's cousin, asked me how we I told him the story

So, I write this blog. Chris found it somehow and started reading it and just started like stalking me and tweeting me all the time and well, now I'm here. And he paid all these girls to come take pictures with him. Don't let him fool you.

I mean, that is how it happened, right? Well, it's close enough anyway.

At one point, Chris wanted to show Steven the [awkward pause] post and had it pulled up on his iPhone in .325 seconds. Must be bookmarked or something...that's semi-stalkerish Chris. I'm actually a little scared.

Anyway. The funniest thing happened when we were all chatting and waiting on our table. Morgan was telling Chris and Steven about the woman in the park with the dog. So, at the same time a girl walked by and yelled to Chris:

"You shoulda won!"

Steven commented on Morgan's story with:

"Why the fuck are you talking to my dog?!?"

Seriously could not have been timed any better.

At dinner, Chris ordered me some beer I'd never heard of because this fancy restaurant didn't serve Miller Lite. If I ever open a restaurant...all we'll serve is Miller Lite. Not even water. Just Miller Lite.

We had some good conversations at dinner. I was a bit embarrassed when someone brought up the show, because I was there to have dinner and drinks with Chris...not an interview with "Chris L.", but he handled it well, as I'm sure he's used to it by now. 

After dinner, Chris's friend Charles joined us and we walked over to Ned Devines. Chris had run into an old friend from high school who told him she would be bartending and we should come check it out, so we did.

Matching Miller Lites

Pretty sure the evil eye was for something I said

Not quite sure what was going on here, but I like it!

The rest of the night consisted of 
good conversation, 
bad dancing (by me), 
lots of laughs
and lots of drinks.

You know how when someone has something great and they don't appreciate it and it makes you want to punch them? Like the spoiled rich kid or the girl who complains about her perfect just want to punch them, right? Wellllll. Get ready to want to punch me. Because not only did I drink a little too much which caused me to embarrass myself/forget little details of the evening, but I was given an E. Lambton hoodie...that I didn't make it home with. But it's really not my fault. It was stolen! 

So that's that. Group Date # 1. It was fun! 
When should I be expecting the date cards for my one-on-one?


  1. Christine E (CapeS_coddEr)October 20, 2010 at 3:11 PM

    GREAT Post Faye! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...thank you!

    Now a couple of things you left wide open here:

    1.) Where did you put the hoodie?

    2.) How did it get stolen?

  2. you and chris are so cute together! new couple alert??? i hope so!!!

  3. i am soooooooooooooooo jealous!

  4. I just came home from a rough night at work at the nursing home and reading this just made me smile huge, thanks Faye!! Oh, I'm so jealous too!! Ya gotta tell us...... Did he smell as good as he looks? :) Dang girl, how'd you let that hoodie get away?!! ;)

  5. I love the recap of your trip, and am so jealous you got to meet Chris! He's adorable, seems like a great guy.

  6. are you talking about me complaining about my perfect boyfriend??! hahah cute post :) i'm looking outside my window at work right now and i see ceasar rego walking up... presh