Friday, October 22, 2010

Boston Vacation - Day 4

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I woke up...not feeling so hot. Obviously.

Our first stop was Fenway. We took the tour and first of all, don't ever take that tour when you're hungover. It's a lot of walking...but secondly, I became a Red Sox fan in the middle of that hour long tour. (Which also means I now hate the Yankees.)

If you've never taken the tour, I highly recommend it. Whether you like baseball or not. You learn about not only Boston history and baseball history, but American history in general.

After the tour, we went across the street to a sports bar for lunch. The bathrooms even had TVs so you don't miss any of the football games. Sweeeet. I had my first cup of clam chowda. I would move to the Northeast just for clam chowder. I'm kind of in love with it.

Next stop: Geek Central. I mean, MIT. I didn't take any pictures because everyone on campus was already looking at me like I was an alien. Maybe that was because it was very obvious that I was hungover. (Which is also why there are no pictures of me from Saturday.) First of all, why are you studying on campus on a Saturday? Secondly, shut up.

I'm not hating on smart kids. I was kind of a smart kid...I had a 4.0 out of high school and got a full ride (plus some) to Ole Miss. I got my degree in Management Information Systems and was president of the Association of Information Technology Professionals...but I was a cool smart kid. Just sayin.

Anyway, after wandering around MIT for a while, we went to Faneuil Hall again. We went back to the bar from Friday night to look for my hoodie. See, what happened was...the bartender friend had taken our coats (and hoodie) and put them under the bar so nobody messed with them. At the end of the night we retrieved our coats (sans hoodie). So we asked a hostess if it had been turned in. It wasn't in the office, it wasn't under the wasn't there. That means someone stole it. I didn't lose it!

We went back to the hotel to make plans for dinner. Everyone had been telling us to go get Italian food in the North End, so we looked up a few restaurants to get ideas. And then, surprise surprise...we all fell asleep. We ended up leaving around 8, but we weren't very hungry so we just walked around the North End and went to Mike's Pastry for cannolis! Hello delicious.

You might think I'm a bad photographer and this picture is blurry...but I say it's "art".

After Mike's Pastry, we walked around for a bit asking random bars if they would please please plleeeeaaassse show the Ole Miss v Alabama game. We learned that Boston doesn't care about the SEC. Lame. So, we made it back to the hotel room just in time to catch the second half. It wasn't worth watching anyway.


  1. Christine E (CapeS_coddEr)October 22, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    Sweeet! You took my suggestion (or someone else's...but nonetheless) and went to Mike's Pastry! Glad you liked it (a personal favorite of mine).

  2. I so want to take that tour.I am a baseball fan (Go Dodgers!) Even though I hate the Red Sox (because I just hate all NE teams) but I respect their history and all the fun stuff that comes along with it.

    Oh and I would be so geeking out over the TVs in the bathroom. I thought my sports bar was cool because it played the audio in there. Guess not.

    Wow you were very smart and cool, Im impressed. sounds like a cool and laidback day

  3. Oh you've seen the light, the Red Sox are amazing! Love reading about your trip. And now I need some clam chowder... Wonder if my dad can FedEx some to me?!

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