Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boston/DC/Memphis Vacation - Day 5

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Morgan and I were packed and ready to go at 10, even though our flight wasn't until 12:30. We loved Boston, but by Sunday we were just ready to get home. We took the shuttle to the airport, and Brett took the shuttle to the T (he stayed an extra day with his friend at Harvard). On our shuttle, we met the nicest people from New Jersey. (Who thought, by our accents, we were from England...ummm whatttt?) They kind of looked like they could be Snooki's cousins, but they were sweet.

While walking through the airport, we passed a gift shop and realized that we had been completely self-centered the whole time and had forgotten all about getting people gifts. Thank you airport gift shop!

We made friends with people at the gate with our knowledge of the prior day's college football scores. (By knowledge, I mean scoremobile on my Blackberry.)

Our plane didn't even have a terminal ramp. Morgan was a little freaked out...I thought it was neat.

My seat was by the window, and I snapped a picture of the beautiful view on takeoff!

As soon as the fasten seat belt sign turned off, Morgan wanted to switch seats to sit by the window. I was proud of her (because I expected her to be scared)! She stared out the window the whole way to DC.

We planned to have a layover in DC so we could have lunch with Cooper! It was fun to sit down, chat, and catch up on his fabulous life in the city.

We made it to our gate just in time to catch the OT of the Patriots game. If you didn't know...the Patriots are my team. Patriots, Colts, Giants. I hear it's a sin to admit that those are my 3 teams...but whatever. And hey, that reminds me...Chris made a not-so-nice comment about Ole Miss royalty, Eli Manning. I think he needs to come to an Ole Miss game and apologize. Don't you?

Our flight from DC to Memphis was on a larger plane. Pretty sure the girl seated next to me thought it was Halloween and was dressed as Lisbeth Salander. Or maybe she was, actually, the girl with the dragon tattoo. Who knows. Also, I would have bet money that our flight attendant was the What What (In the Butt) guy. Or his twin.

After a pretty short flight, we landed in Memphis. We knew we were home when people that we passed actually smiled at us. That's how we do it in the South. Also, it smelled like BBQ.

We waited on our baggage with these really cute guys, who happened to be doctors in the military. We didn't so much wait with them...but I'm a good eavesdropper. Whatever.

Morgan's best friend from high school picked us up from the airport, so they had a nice little catch up on our way across town to the Carter residence. Martha and Dudley (and Gibson) were waiting to hear all our stories, so we chatted with them for a bit, then made the short drive back to Home Sweet Oxford.

I was so exhausted, I could barely drag my suitcase up the steps. (That suitcase, still sits in my bedroom floor...not unpacked at all.)

I've had quite a few vacations in 2010. (Dallas for the Cotton Bowl in January, Destin for Spring Break and St. Louis for AITP in March, Gulf Shores for the Hangout Music Festival and Girls trip to Charleston in May, my weekend getaway to Ocean Springs in August...) But Boston takes the cake! One of my favorite vacations ever!

I think I could live in Boston. It would take a while to get used to the weather, but I could do it!

And let me just say, most girls swoon over guys with English accents or Australian accents...gimme a Boston accent over those any day. Hello sexy. I just love it.

Also, if you haven't seen The Town yet. Do yourself a favor and go see it.

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