Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Weekend Festivities

Happy Halloween!

*I was going to write that in alternating black and orange letters but then I realized that that's really annoying, so I didn't. Just fyi.

Early in the week, Morgan and I went to a friend's house to carve pumpkins. I didn't carve, but I helped scoop the pumpkin goop out. Weird fact about Faye: I like pumpkin goop. I mean, I don't like eat it or anything...but I just like it. It's cool. We roasted some pumpkin seeds and they carved some pretty good looking pumpkins.

Thursday night, there was a breast cancer awareness event called Pink Dress Run. Afterward, they had a costume party. I decided (extremely last minute) to attend said costume party. Luckily, I had purchased all my Daria clothing items the previous day.

Bad lighting, but whatever. My costume was good. Not everyone knew who Daria was, but the ones who did really appreciated it. I like it that way.

Morgan was a shacker. 
Definitions via Urban Dictionary:
1. Shacker

a person (usually female) who sleeps over after a one night stand and walks home in the morning (frequent term on college campuses in dorms and frats)
Did the shacker leave yet? 
2. Shacker
someone who sleeps over at random people's places after a night of drinking
setting: morning
did you hook up with that girl last night?
naw, she's just a shacker.

The party was fun...I'm glad Morgan convinced me to go! My dance partner for the night just so happened to be the winner of the Pink Dress contest. Obviously. Check him out, ladies. And gentlemen..

Friday night Rachel and I went to the 2nd Annual Susie Haskins Bash and out to the square! I haven't seen the square so packed since...last year's LSU game. LSU weekends are always crazy and this weekend was definitely comparable.

Saturday! Better known as GAMEDAY. The Grove, the game, the square after...we definitely won the party. 

*My hair is reflecting something red in this picture. I've always wanted to dye my hair dark red...but have never been brave enough. I think I'd like it. Hmm..?

Sunday Funday! Rachel and I went to see Parnormal Activity 2. It's Halloween...I wanted to be completely scared out of my mind. But I wasn't. It's not as scary as the first, but I would definitely recommend both of them if you haven't seen them.

I spent the rest of my Sunday Funday on the couch watching football (go Pats!), catching up on It's Always Sunny, and hoping that trick-or-treaters don't come by since I ate all the candy.

Umm...yeah. Happy Halloween!

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