Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Best Friend!

I met Brad my freshman year of college and we had an instant connection.

Ew. Not a romantic connection. Gross. He's my best friend! 
And today is his birthday!

One of the many things he and I have in common? Vanity.

So in honor of his 23rd birthday, here are 23 pictures of us!

Love you best friend! Happy birthday!

Annnnd this Facebook chat is a little insight to our fabulous friendship.

best friend: sooo i witnessed the phrase "no homo" be used in an actual conversation today
me: explain
best friend: "hey man no homo, but your fly is unzipped. you look like you're going somewhere important" says the white gas station attendant as i bought a bottle of milk for breakfast
me: hahahaha. i hope you said "oh but i am a homo" and winked at him
best friend: ew no
me: my mom just called me crying. buh. i don't do well with the whole comforting people thing.
best friend: me either i'll hug you but i never know what to say
me: i usually suggest "let's talk about something else and get your mind off of it"
me: mainly so i can talk about myself
best friend: #ilovemyveinfriends
me: vein? hahaha
best friend: yea
me: vain maybe?
best friend: i thought that was what was in your body
best friend: or do i have them backwards
me: that's vein?
me: i think. lemme google
me: yeah. vein = blood. vain = carly simon.
best friend: ah
best friend: well damn
best friend: the more you know (and star)


  1. Hi, New follower. =)

    You two WOULD make a cute couple. ;-)

  2. LOVE THIS. Words can't even do it justice :) My two favorites.