Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ole Miss Gameday

I like almost everything about gamedays. I like the Grove. I like wearing dresses and heels. I like the drinks, the food, the people. I like the game. I really like when we win.

But ya know what I don't like? The lack of service. I just don't get cell phone service on campus on gamedays. No cell phone service = no Twitter.

So, here are the tweets you missed while I was out of touch!

GROVE!! #gameday #hottytoddy

@RachDillard and I feel naked without solo cups.

Mimosas, Bloody Marys, annnd Chick-fil-A? I do believe we picked the right tent.

Nolan Ryan did Are You Ready! That's cool I guess.

The girl in front of us just said "Wanna make anything better...just add bacon to it." Anything?

A guy I've never seen before just yelled "HEY FAYE!!" from 30 yards away. #dontknowyou

#hottytoddy I think I'm in love with Dexter McCluster. He's so cute on the sidelines.

Can we put Dex in a jersey and get him in this game? Puh-lease!

I have a secret crush on Brishen Mathew's hair. #justhishair

2nd Are You Ready after halftime. Former player...need to google it and find out who that was.

Just traded my Maker's Mark for BBQ nachos. #fat

Jeremiah Masoli on the quarterback keeper. #holymasoli #hottytoddy

10 is a good number for Ole Miss. #elimanning #jessegrandy

Dex dancing on the sidelines. Think just became know. I am in love with Dexter McCluster.

Sweeeeeeeeet Caroline! #bumbumbum

Our players have multiple personalities. Earlier they were an SEC they're 6th graders. #happensalot

Kentucky's TD just got called back! But then they scored anyway. #whatever

Just had a mini panic attack with that onside kick. We could potentially lose this game after being up 42-20. #choke

We just beat the hell outta you! #hottytoddy gosh almighty who the hell are we? Hey! Flim flam bim bam #olemiss by damn!

Former player that did the second Are You Ready was Romero Miller.
Guy that yelled at me...might have danced with him at the bar Thursday night. #stilldontknowyou

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