Thursday, October 21, 2010


@reneeann12 asked me a few questions about my time spent with Chris. I told her I'd look them over and possibly answer a few on my here they are!

I hate to say it, but they're probably not the answers you were hoping for!

Q: Complete the sentence. After meeting @ChrisLambton13
A) I love him like a brother
B) I plan on giving it some time, maybe sparks will fly or
C) I’m on my way back to the Cape to marry him and have his children

A: After meeting Chris
D) I want to show him how it's done in Oxford.

Q. Multiple choice @ChrisLambton13 smelled like
A) a regular guy. Dial soap. No big deal.
B) a regular hottie. Dial soap never smelled so good. or
C) like a God from another planet. Imagine Dial soap ON FIRE!

A: He smelled like
D) nothing because I had a stuffy nose.

Q: Choose one @ChrisLambton13’s female friends were
A) the nicest girls I’ve ever met
B) tolerant at best
C) Catty bitches who couldn’t wait to get rid of me

A: His female friends were
D) n't there.

Q: Complete the sentence. I’m all set for my next @ChrisLambton13 giveaway. I left the Cape with
A) a lock of his hair
B) his treasured blanky or
C) who needs an E Lambton t shirt when I have these.

A: I left the Cape with
D) nothing because we hung out in Boston.

Q: Complete the sentence The evening with @ChrisLambton13 ended with
A) a friendly hug
B) A sweet “maybe we’ll get together again soon” kiss or
C) Groping and clinging…

A: The evening ended with
D) me having to take a cab because I couldn't make it to the T station.

Boston Vacation - Day 4 will be posted tomorrow!

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  1. did i miss that you hung out with him?? when was this!?

  2. I can't even lie and pretend I played it cool reading about your encounter.