Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Fix Is In

The whole reason for my weekend trip to New Orleans was for the OK Go concert at Tipitina's Saturday night. After dinner uptown (where I had delicious crawfish enchiladas), Trinity, Brad, Jay and I arrived at the venue...2 hours early. Why not?

We secured our spot front and center and watched the two opening bands.

Samuel. New favorite. Kind of in love with him. 

Those Darlins. Entertaining...and wild.

Now, this concert was at an open venue. Which is why we got there 2 hours early. I've mentioned before how I don't like people who stand in front of me at concerts. Here It Goes Again. Just because it's an open venue does not mean you can just Do What You Want and come stand directly in front of me just by saying "excuse me". And I'm pretty sure the awful girls who stood in front of us didn't even say that. We ended up back in front of them, but I was still extremely annoyed with the stares, smirks, and comments we received the entire time. But I digress. All Is Not Lost because once OK Go took the stage, those girls faded into the background.

I'm sticking to what I said after I saw them at the Hangout Music Festival in May. OK Go is my favorite band to see live. They're so good and fun and personable. And boys, You're So Damn Hot

They played a great mix of songs. From the first OK Go song I ever heard, Get Over It, to my favorite from the newest Album, I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe...and all the best in between.

As Damian jumped into the crowd for what he likes to call "Hippie Time", he said to Brad, "Nice tie!" For a second, Brad considered giving it to him...but we all eventually decided against that gesture.

Damian in the crowd during Hippie Time

You all know how great the White Knuckles video is, right? Well imagine it in 3-D. Because that's how we saw it.

Did I mention the confetti? It was everywhere. I'm sure they thought it was A Good Idea At The Time, but It's a Disaster. There was definitely a love/hate relationship going on with the confetti. It pumped me up...but it also tried to kill me. I'm pretty sure I swallowed a few pieces. Damian had a little struggle with it, as well. I'm still finding confetti pieces in my purse. It's Tuesday.

Don't Ask Me because I'm going to say no...but does it get any better than OK Go performing Return with hand bells?


Their first encore song was WTF? For it, they brought out the epic light up jackets and fuzzy guitars with lasers. No, I'm not making that up.

Shortly Before The End, Trinity and Jay decided to go ahead and make their way outside. I wanted to stay for This Too Shall Pass because I knew they were going to play it and I knew Damian was going to jump into the crowd right where I was standing...because it happened last time...and I missed it last time. But I went along with them and made my way to the door so we could beat the crowd. Annnnd of course, it happened. So I missed that twice. What To Do? Looks like I'll just have to request a personal concert.


  1. That looks like such a fun show! Love the pictures.

  2. fab fab fab fab! loved it!

  3. I love their choreography! Four of my ex's fraternity brothers did the A Million Ways to be Cruel dance for GW talent show one year and actually won.

    Glad you had a good weekend and I hope you got some much needed sleep!